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Geting rid of nukes makes safer world

To the Editor: Thanks to Rebecca Gourley for her letter last week which mutes the calls for war with Iran that some are craving for. I do have two points to make. The fact that mutually assured...


Time to screen for mental health

To the Editor: The thought of some angry and deranged person with a semi-automatic weapon in a crowd makes us recoil in horror, as we should. Even more so if the crowd is little innocent children. Wha...


Violence is in the culture

To the Editor: If the tragic shooting in Arizona comes as a surprise to some, may I suggest that you have not been paying attention to what has happened to our entire culture. The United States of...

 By Robert Seborer    Opinion    July 7, 2010

Change the war strategy

To the Editor: The myth goes something like this: if we don’t fight the terrorists over there (in their lands), we will have to fight them over here. The reality: every time someone is killed over...


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