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The landfill legacy: power for the people

This is the second of two articles growing out of a review of the Roosevelt Regional Landfill and its contributions to Klickitat County. The Roosevelt landfill has been operating for 25 years, and is...

 By Sandra DeMent    News    November 8, 2017

Revisiting Roosevelt: the landfill of a truly epic scale

Worms produce castings, rabbits, deer and elk leave pellets, and carnivores–coyotes, lions and bears–leave their spoor, but also piles of fur, fea...


The fun of fencing in Klickitat County

It was only a fence. How hard could it be? True, it had to run around three sides of a 40 acre parcel, and it had to cross an old gravel road and a creek twice, but I was sure I could get it done. My... Full story


Legislation pending on Social Security

Sort of. In early July the Chief Actuary of the Social Security Administration released a list of dozens of letters and memos prepared at the requests of Congressmen and Senators that, as he put it,... Full story

 By Sandra DeMent    News    July 26, 2017

County seniors take part in Social Security survey

A total of 97 seniors, representing over 3 percent of those receiving Social Security in Klickitat County, were surveyed with help from the Senior Meals programs in Goldendale, White Salmon, Lyle and...

 By Sandra DeMent    Opinion    May 17, 2017

Medicare: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

From Republican President Teddy Roosevelt in 1912 to 1965, a parade of U.S. presidents worked to create a national health insurance program. When Democratic President Lyndon Johnson signed Medicare... Full story


Social Security: Funding crisis? Or doing just fine?

What we call Social Security is actually three federal programs that serve retired seniors; widows and widowers (and minor children); and the permanently disabled, together known as Old-Age,... Full story

 By Sandra DeMent    Opinion    April 5, 2017

Social Security: Guaranteed retirement? Or welfare?

In 2012, when Mitt Romney ran for president, he famously said , “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for [President Obama] no matter what…who are dependent upon government, who... Full story


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