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Miller: cost controls are key to lower rates

Doug Miller cites the slogan of the Klickitat County PUD: "Owned by those it serves." He says that's a critical point to consider as voters prepare...


Dandy Valley plants good ideas

Digging into this story, I was excited to talk to the 'plant manager' about the plot of the business. During the spring, business blossoms quite... Full story

 By Shelby Taylor    News    August 31, 2016

Resident takes open aim at neighbor's property

Some area residents are experiencing a unique situation, falling victim to an outdated law that allows landowners to be robbed of their own property...

 By Shelby Taylor    News    August 31, 2016

Histories and mysteries of Goldendale businesses: Fence family feels their future is full

Wade and Krysta Olson are owners of the new family owned and operated business in Centerville, Olson Fencing LLC, that serves all of Washington and...

 By Shelby Taylor    News    August 31, 2016

An appreciation for Jean Allyn Smeltzer, Klickitat County's unofficial historian

Jean Allyn Smeltzer is living history. She has contributed much to her community, the Presby Museum, and, of course, The Goldendale Sentinel through...

 By Shelby Taylor    News    August 24, 2016

Night Sky symposium keeps light on the dark

The Gorge Night Sky Symposium at the Goldendale Observatory and the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center last week proved to be an educational experience... Full story

 By Shelby Taylor    News    August 24, 2016

Histories and mysteries of Goldendale businesses: Another fine fix

Have you ever had a laptop that refuses to charge? After days of wiggling your charger around and around, searching for the sweet spot when it... Full story

 By Shelby Taylor    News    August 17, 2016

School board votes to reprimand Heid, restricts comment

In a tightly controlled meeting Monday night, the Goldendale School Board voted to reprimand Superintendent Mark Heid and addressed the process for...


Histories and mysteries of Goldendale businesses: Hers is a jab well done

She may not be historical, but the practice of the new acupuncturist in town is definitely a mystery! Acupuncture, a practice I myself was not... Full story

 By Shelby Taylor    News    August 17, 2016

Long-time friend of county ranchers receives award

Kevin Guinn makes his mother proud. Ask him why his first name is pronounced Kee-vin rather than the common Keh-vin, he'll tell you, "Because my... Full story

 By Shelby Taylor    News    August 17, 2016

Archery shoot coming this weekend

2 Mountain Outdoors, a recently started local business intended to provide Goldendale with quality hunting gear without having to travel to the big... Full story

 By Shelby Taylor    News    August 17, 2016

Stage two of horsemanship camp at BC Mello Arena

Bill & Cindy Mello and their daughter Alyson of BC Mello Arena is hosting their second competition of a three part series this August 19th through... Full story

 By Shelby Taylor    News    August 10, 2016

The potted plants return to form

The city of Goldendale colored the streets with aesthetically pleasing flower pots years ago, but their lives have not been a walk in the park. Many... Full story

 By Shelby Taylor    News    August 3, 2016

Airport committee seeks to join WSCAA

Last Wednesday at City Hall, the city's airport committee gathered to discuss the progression of the projected upgrades to the Goldendale Municipal...


Bake My Day: from scratch to perfection

We all have the undeniable guilty snack pleasures of Twinkies, Honey Buns, Nutter Butters, and snacks like Oatmeal Creme Pies. But what if I told you... Full story


Histories and mysteries of Goldendale businesses: General Store rich in history, mystery, and goods

You may remember the Steven Wright joke: "I went to a general store. They wouldn't let me buy anything specific." Not true for Goldendale's General... Full story

 By Shelby Taylor    News    July 20, 2016

Herrera Beutler to BPA on wires: 'Get it done'

At a meeting Monday in White Salmon, U.S. Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler bluntly told the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) it should immediately get...

 By Shelby Taylor    News    July 20, 2016

Surgeon to join hospital staff

With a background in general surgery as well as extra training in breast health and women's health, Dr. Anne Rust will be joining Dr. Jacinto Orozco...


Histories and mysteries of Goldendale businesses: City's historic florist shop celebrates long history

Debbie and Ken Clark are the owners of Goldendale's Clark's Floral, which features tuxedos, giftware, chocolates, flowers, and accessories. The shop... Full story

 By Shelby Taylor    News    July 13, 2016

Speakers sought for Dark Sky symposium

An upcoming event will be held at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center in The Dalles on Aug. 18 and at the Goldendale Observatory State Park in...

 By Shelby Taylor    News    July 6, 2016

Observatory gets new telescope, undergoes major renovation

Thursday, June 30, the telescope was removed from the Goldendale Observatory through the top of the dome via crane. The observatory, having a... Full story

 By Shelby Taylor    Features    July 6, 2016

Histories and mysteries of Goldendale businesses: Return of the Town House

"This is a happy place" - Sign on restaurant wall Previous owners Jeff and Debbie Teal earned an envious regard for their short-lived restaurant, the...


Inquiry on coach settles little

A complex and heated controversy over the conduct of Goldendale High School (GHS) volleyball coach Jodi Bellamy has been officially resolved, though the unanimous decision of the school board... Full story

 By Shelby Taylor    News    June 22, 2016

One injured as fire consumes Goldendale home

Saturday, June 11 at 5 a.m., Margaret McInturff's home-directly across the street from the fire station-caught fire, though the convenient location... Full story

 By Shelby Taylor    News    June 15, 2016

Students work tough hours for scholarships, win or lose

Congratulations are due to Goldendale High School graduates. Years of homework, studying, and continuous motivation have finally been rewarded with a... Full story


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