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Letters From the Community

Make the right chioice Avoid burdening your school district with the self-importance of Mr. Leon and vote instead for Jeri Ruefer-Hore for Wishram Sch...


Get your terms straight

I recently gave advice about political discussion to some friends: before engaging in any political discussion, agree on the definitions of terms to be used in the discussion first. Only then can an... Full story


Who are the true Republicans?

In response to Adrian Bradford’s letter from last week: first, I must thank Adrian for providing evidence for my conclusions in my prior week’s letter about a possible purge. Adrian uses Tea... Full story


Why I'm a conservative

I grew up in the rust belt, born of middle class parents, father a union truck driver, mother a college-educated teacher. My father is one of seven siblings in an Irish Catholic family. My mother is... Full story

 By Steve Kenny    Opinion    August 10, 2016

Choice is all too obvious

To the Editor: As we get closer to the big election, communication will become more important for us to become informed voters and, hopefully, elect the best candidates. Voter apathy brought on by...

 By Steve Kenny    Opinion    July 27, 2016

Wrong reasons to be upset

To the Editor: I read the letter last week regarding the display of the "Confederate Flag" at the parade and the subsequent excoriation of the City for allowing it. Two points I want to make here....

 By Steve Kenny    Opinion    July 20, 2016

Let's debate right here

To the Editor: While not surprised by the political vitriol lately on social media, I have noticed most seems to come from the left. I recently joined what seemed a reasonable exchange between two...

 By Steve Kenny    Opinion    June 22, 2016

Snobbery helped me decide

To the Editor: As I sat there a while back with contempt for the politician on CNN, Wolf Blitzer was questioning the “Never Trump” leader. Wolf gave him wide latitude to be a pompous, elitist...

 By Steve Kenny    Opinion    June 1, 2016

Adams can't see reality

To the Editor: I’ve read your piece in last week’s Sentinel on Eric Adams running for Gina McCabe’s seat. Adams said he is running because he is like most people, living paycheck to paycheck....

 By Steve Kenny    Opinion    May 18, 2016

Some 'votes' need to be suppressed

To the Editor: Suppress the vote? The same refrain can be heard far and wide every election season by Democrats. “Republicans just want to suppress the vote.” “They are attempting to...

 By Steve Kenny    Opinion    May 4, 2016

It's cattle drive season again

To the Editor: Every major election cycle the vocal political zealots get us all fired up in order to get someone elected. Frequently, they characterize issues in ways that bring great stress to...

 By Steve Kenny    Opinion    April 27, 2016

Don't go with the consensus

To the Editor: Some might call me a denier. Before judging, listen to this B. S. Chemistry graduate with 20-plus years in water treatment. Trained in a core science with honed critical thinking...

 By Steve Kenny    Opinion    April 20, 2016

Gridlock is our friend

To the Editor: If I hear one more person champion the wisdom and reasonableness of reaching across the aisle, working together, embracing bipartisanship to “get things done in Congress,” I am goin...

 By Steve Kenny    Opinion    April 13, 2016

Keep eye on the right prize

To the Editor: Unless you have been living under a rock, you must by now, whether Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Independent, feel the onslaught of this year’s unparalleled presidential...


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