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 By Tim ONeill    Humor    November 13, 2013

Congress meets for first time in D.C., Sherman begins march

Nov. 13: 1927—The Holland Tunnel opens to connect New York to New Jersey. It is the first U.S. underground automobile route. 1946—Vincent J. Schaefer produces the first artificial snow over Mt.... Full story

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    November 6, 2013

Lincoln becomes first third-party president, Butch and Sundance die

Nov. 6: 1860—Lincoln becomes the first and only third-party candidate to be elected president. 1908—Robert Leroy Parker (Butch Cassidy) and Harry Alonzo Longabaugh (the Sundance Kid) are...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    October 23, 2013

Stock market crashes, Statue of Liberty dedicated, first match

Which are real?... Oct. 23: 1994—Floyd “Floyd” Hinterbock is the first teenager to say something “sucks.” The term came from trumpet jazz musicians—a good horn player was said to...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    October 9, 2013

Columbus doesn't find Asia, first female astronaut walks in space

Which are real?... Oct. 9: 999—Leif Ericson crosses the Atlantic and discovers “Vinland.” Some Time in the Past: The lyricist for “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” decides to substitute the vowels...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    September 18, 2013

Lewis and Clark return, 'Yes, there is a Santa'

Which are real?... Sept. 18: 1848—The rules of baseball change so a first baseman can tag the base for an out instead of having to tag the runner. 1851—The New York Times prints its first issue...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    September 11, 2013

9/11, minimum wage hits $1, Mayflower lands

Which are real?... Sept. 11: This is a big day in war history. 1941 –FDR orders any German, Italian, or Japanese ship in U.S. waters to be shot on sight. 2001—Hijacked passenger jets are used to c...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    September 4, 2013

Israel-PLO accord, Lincoln on fools

Which is real and which isn’t?... Sept. 4: 2012 BC—Babylonian parents become concerned with the amount of time their children spend playing stone tablet games. 1781—In California, El Pueblo de...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    August 21, 2013

Vesuvius erupts, Republic of Franklin, Mona Lisa stolen

Which are real?... Aug. 21: 1427—Citing poor working conditions, guardian angels go on 40-day strike, leaving humanity to fend for its self. 1841—The venetian blind is patented by John Hampton....

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    August 14, 2013

VJ Day, women's right to vote, Columbus sails

Which are real?... Aug. 13: 1913—Harry Brearly invents stainless steel. 2012—Thousands flock to Mayberry, N.C., in white linen suits and straw hats to celebrate Otis Campbell Day. Born: Phoebe...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    July 17, 2013

First paper money, Reagan accepts nomination

Which are real?... July 17: 1861—At the urging of wallet makers and money clip manufacturers, Congress authorizes the printing of paper money. 1935—Variety publishes an article about how rural inh...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    July 10, 2013

'Go west,' NYC blackout, San Diego founded

Which are real?... July 10: 1934—FDR visits Colombia and becomes the first sitting president to visit South America. 1962—The first communications satellite, Telstar, is launched. Born: The...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    June 26, 2013

Christmas becomes federal holiday, first electric stove

Which ones are real?... June 26: 1870—The U.S. declares Christmas a federal holiday. 1959—The Great Lakes welcome ocean-going ships with the opening of the Saint Lawrence Seaway. Born: László L...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    June 19, 2013

First typewriter, G.I. Bill of Rights, Yankees

Which ones are real?... June 19: 1464—Frances’ postal service is formed by King Louis XI, who immediately cancels Saturday deliveries. 1778—Washington’s soldiers depart Valley Forge....

 By Tim ONeill    Opinion    June 5, 2013

WIH is hard work to make good fun

To the Editor: Week in History (WIH) is only a trifle meant to inform and entertain. Some may consider an historical event interesting and/or informative, while others think it is only unnecessary...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    June 5, 2013

D-Day, Bill of Rights, draft begins in WWI

June 5: 1917—The draft for World War I begins, and 10 million US men begin to register. 2012—Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker survives a recall election. 2013—U.S. prison system substitutes...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    May 22, 2013

Jamestown starts, Jell-O bombs, first jukebox

May 22: 1843—The Great Migration begins when settlers and even more cattle leave Independence, Mo., on the Oregon Trail. Upon reaching the territory they see a sign stating, “Please Visit But...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    May 15, 2013

Shoes for both feet, Mount St. Helen's, Spam

May 15: 53,032 BC—Tribesman Nacho discovers the only way to stop a bad Cro-Magnon with a rock is a good Cro-Magnon with a rock. 1817—The Asylum for the Relief of Persons Deprived of the Use of...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    May 8, 2013

Tomato controversy resolved, table knife invented

May 8: 1790—The French National Assembly decides to create a decimal system of measurement resulting in the metric system. Tool manufacturers celebrate. 1914—Congress makes the second Sunday in...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    May 1, 2013

The Alamo falls, Germany surrenders, bin Laden killed

May 1: 2003—On the USS Abraham Lincoln, President Bush states that the “major combat operations in Iraq have ended” and declares “mission accomplished.” 2011—President Obama announces...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    April 24, 2013

Washington sworn in, Hitler checks out, Hubble orbits

April 24: On this very date, Shortly after the Beginning—God casts Adam and Eve out of Eden for eating the forbidden fruit. The Lord decides Adam hasn’t been punished enough and condemns him and...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    April 17, 2013

Revere's midnight ride, London Bridge is shipped away

April 17: 1956—Don Drysdale and Luis Aparicio begin their professional baseball careers. They are inducted into Cooperstown’s Baseball Hall of Fame on the same day on August 12, 1984. 1955—Two...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    April 10, 2013

Lee's last address, Lincoln killed, Titanic goes down

April 10: 837—Halley’s Comet and Earth come closest to each other by only 3.2 million miles. 1865—General Robert E. Lee addresses his troops for the last time after his surrender at Appomattox....

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    April 3, 2013

MacArthur fades away, first synagogue, DNA published

April 3: 1220—First Native American smoke signal is used. The message sent was: “Can you read me? Can you read me now? ” 1973—In New York City, the first portable cell phone call is made. The...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    March 20, 2013

Time finds typo, Popeye honored, Lindbergh gets medal

March 20: 1934—In an exhibition game, female athlete Babe Didrickson pitches a no-hitter inning against the Brooklyn Dodgers. 1992 –While former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega’s...

 By Tim ONeill    Humor    March 13, 2013

Harvard, first St. Patrick's day parade

March 13: 1639—Cambridge College is renamed “Harvard.” 1865—There is something really wrong here: a bill is passed by the Confederacy approving the use of black slaves for service in the...


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