In 2018 The Sentinel was asked to put together and run a most unusual ad. A Goldendale woman named Joanne Davenport was fighting for her life—she desperately needed a kidney transplant to live. She was fighting a genetic kidney disorder that had already taken members of her family.

Last week we heard from Joanne through a thank-you card she sent to us with glad tidings: she received her kidney transplant and is doing well.

We invited Joanne to share a few words about her remarkable experience:

“I want to take this time to let all of this wonderful community know I received my kidney transplant on Dec. 18, 2019. I wondered if I would ever get a transplant. After waiting five years and doing dialysis in that time, I am so happy and grateful.

“I thank first of all my Lord Jesus—his timing is perfect—and I’m grateful for all the support in the form of prayers, finances and fundraisers by the Assembly of God Church, AGLOW ladies, anyone else I haven’t mentioned.

“I also appreciate The Sentinel again for running the ads to get the word out, and the organizations and businesses for helping when we did the fundraiser at the Home and Garden with raffles. Without you, I could not have made this happen. I used the funds for my afterstay for doctors’ appointments to follow up on my care of the transplant, and for staying at the hotel next to the hospital.

“I also want to thank my family getting me there—the timing was spot on; I wasn’t sure who would bring to Seattle at Virginia Mason. And my awesome caregiver, Diana Miraflor, my sis. She did a fantastic job. It was perfect. Everything went so well.

“God is good.”

—Joanne Davenport