Free holiday dinners were served at the Father’s House Fellowship church on Thanksgiving Day and also on Christmas Day this year. About 160 meals were provided on Thanksgiving and at least 150 on Christmas.

Dr. James Ogden reports, “The amount of public support for these dinners was exceedingly generous. Many people started donating money for supplies in early November. Others called asking if they could help with the cooking and serving. Some provided desserts, sacks of potatoes, and turkeys. Ten people delivered the meals in their own vehicles on Thanksgiving, and one volunteer went as far as Lyle and another went all the way to Roosevelt. It was encouraging to see people with the means to help out do so to benefit others who have less of this world’s goods.”

The group of people who showed up to help at both events was a broad cross section of the Goldendale community. There were volunteers still in their teens, middle agers, and a few who were born when Franklin D. Roosevelt was in the White House. For some who came to work at the dinners, it was a family project to help others. There were people from a number of different churches, some with significant doctrinal differences.

“Although I did not poll the group,” Ogden says, “I know there were people whose voting positions were at totally opposite ends of the political spectrum, as well as some who were closer to the middle. As the team worked on food prep, serving, and cleanup associated with these two meals, the emphasis was on working together on the preparation and serving of the meal, and not on expounding on personal points of view.

“During these difficult times, I am so glad to be living in a place like Goldendale where we have so many people who can put aside personal feelings and preferences for a while and work together on the common goal of helping those folks in our community who are less fortunate.”