Well, our “news” on the full media spectrum—TV, Facebook, and even scuttlebutt—has added one more filament to the headlines. As the pandemic is wearing down we now have the ANTIFA malice and mayhem, plus the wildfires taking control of the headlines. Smoke in Lyle has been barely tolerable, but we are still blessed not to have an all out wildfire sweep through here as it has devastated the communities in southern Oregon, where I spent more than half my life. Although the town where I resided has not been hit, the towns south of it have been all but wiped out. Do you have your plan of evacuation in order—just in case? It would behoove you to have a container of some sort, whether it is a cardboard box, suitcase, plastic bin, or the like, full of survival supplies. A list of what all it should hold can be found on the internet. We will be in High to Extreme Fire conditions for at least the next four to six weeks here in the Gorge! The three Emergency Evacuation Levels are: Level 1 / Get Ready! Level 2 / Get Set! Level 3 / Go! NOW! A website to check out is: https://www.readyforwildfire.org/prepare-for-wildfire/ready-set-go/. Here in Klickitat County, we have extreme fire conditions until mid October, so let the Boy Scout motto be your guide and “Be Prepared.”

I hope I’m not the last to know this, but I just found out that you can no longer deposit your scrap metal at the Lyle Service Station. The owner advised me that the discarded items now have to be taken to the transfer station in Dallesport, and you will be directed as to what goes where.

School has started but has its drawbacks too. If you have a student, you are probably aware of the dos and don’ts, but if not you can check out their website and find out.

I’m sorry to say I haven’t heard any good news to report, besides the regular everyday blessings. If you have any, please share it with me so I can pass it on to the readers. We all could hear a little uplifting news during these dire times.