The Goldendale FFA Chapter recently hosted a contest for primary school students to learn about the six major parts of a plant. In the contest, primary classrooms were challenged to make a model of a plant with the parts labeled. Each class could choose how they wanted to create and present their model. 

The FFA members created an educational video about plant parts for primary school students. The video contained descriptions and functions of the six major plant parts. Then, primary school students watched the video in class and decided how to present the information.

The FFA had seven primary classes participate. The submission varied in the forms of posters, songs, videos, 3-D models, and science experiments. All seven classes were awarded a prize of a Mother’s Day pot with a flower for all students in their class, courtesy of the FFA. 

Mrs. Blain: Best Flower Model Song

Mrs. Fahlenkamp: Most Creative Model

Mrs. Gilliam: Most Original Props in a Model

Mrs. Howell: Most Colorful Model

Mrs. Kayser: Best 3-D Model 

Mrs. Martin: Most Unique Model

Mrs. O’Leary: Best Poster Model