Kellee Berry will bring her unique homemade baked goods and craft items right to your door.

Wouldn’t it be great to make a phone call or send an email and have a cake or box of cupcakes delivered to your door? Maybe you are short on dish cloths, potholders, or scarves but don’t want to go out of the house to shop for them. Need a special hand-crafted greeting card for a certain sentiment? Kellee Berry of Kellee’s Kreations is more than happy to help you out since she started her online bakery and crafts service in Goldendale the first of the year.

Kellee grew up in Battle Ground, Washington, and began at a young age developing her love for baking and crocheting under the tutelage of her mom who patiently instructed her in the basics. The passion to create was ignited, and she took her mother’s lessons to the next level, eventually taking professional decorating classes.

After her parents had retired to Goldendale, Kellee decided to come stay with them for a time in 2006, moving around some before finally settling back in Goldendale a year ago. While on a leave of absence from Fred Meyer, she came to the conclusion it was time to start her own business doing what she loves best—creating baked goods and crocheted craft items to make people happy. In January she acquired her business license and began her new adventure.

Although her specialty is fudge—15 different flavors in all—Kellee truly delights in decorating designer cakes and cupcakes for her customers’ special occasions, stating, “I enjoy the look on peoples’ faces when they’re so happy with their cake.” With any given theme, Kellee’s Kreations is sure to please with not only the design but the cake as well. All her goods are from scratch, even her homemade lemon curd, Italian meringue, and American buttercream; you will not find a boxed cake, jarred filling, or canned frosting in her kitchen. She will also incorporate seasonal fresh fruit and berries into her creations upon request. “Baking is my passion,” Kellee says. “I love it, and I love being creative.”

As for delivery, there is no charge in city limits, and Kellee has set up a fee schedule for mileage outside of town so if you live in the country and get to yearning for a yummy treat or need to supply the cake for a party but do not have time to bake, it can be arranged.

Kellee had a grand time this summer at the Farmers Market on the lawn of the Goldendale Chamber of Commerce introducing Kellee’s Kreations to the community. She sold her fudge, cupcakes, dish cloths, potholders, scarves, and greeting cards to locals and visitors alike, making new friends and spreading the joy of her creations about the area.

With the holidays just around the corner, Kellee would like the community to know she would count it a privilege to help them with their baking, gift, and card needs. Order a cake and she will give you a free greeting card as a thank-you for your order. Give her a call at (541) 569-7145 or email her at You can also visit her website at

Whether you have a sweet tooth needing to be satisfied, a unique gift to give, or a hand-crafted card to send, Kellee Berry of Kellee’s Kreations, whose dream is coming true, is looking forward to serving you—at your door.

—Peggy Woodard