Last week I had a question about why the post office boxes in Lyle cost an exorbitant amount per year when the Dallesport boxes are free. I received this information from one who lives there: “What I heard was, about 15 years ago someone started a suit against the post office because it was not fair to charge residents for the only way they could get mail. Dallesport residents have no other option than to have a post office box because there is no mail delivery here. Do all Lyle residents use the post office in order to receive their mail? If so, then they should not be charged. If they have mail delivery to their homes, then they would need to pay for their post office box because the box is not necessary. Dallesport residents must show proof and sign a form each year showing that they are residents here.” I appreciate that they responded to me, so now my question is, when I went to my post office years ago, I was told that there was no mail route inside town proper, so one must rent a post office box. As I am elderly and cannot walk that far, doesn’t it seem that I have no other way of receiving mail also? If I choose to receive it General Delivery, it limits time getting mail to only when there is a clerk on duty. I’m still calling foul.

Photographing eagles can be a great pastime, and the eagles can be found at The Dalles Dam site and along the Balfour Trail up the west side of the Klickitat River. Many eagles are found soaring above the area and resting in their huge nests.

Our Klickitat is a drug-free communities program operated through Washington Gorge Action Programs. Their calendar meetings are on the third Fridays from 9 to 10 a.m. It is a Zoom meeting and can be found by contacting in various ways:, (509) 281-2399, or online at and on Facebook at Our Klickitat

A representative of the local Fire Dept/EMT staff wishes to get the word out to local residents 65 and older for scheduling their Covid-19 immune vaccine. To make a required appointment, call Goldendale’s Klickitat Valley Health Covid Hotline at 773-4029, Klickitat County Health Department at 773-4565, Skyline Health at (509) 637-2926, or if you prefer to go to Northshore Medical Group, call (509) 493-2133 in White Salmon, then follow their directions. Be prepared to give your first and last name, date of birth, phone number, address, and perhaps insurance, if any.

In Goldendale the site is at the Klickitat County Fairgrounds at 903 Fairgrounds Road. Their next clinic will be offered on Feb. 22 and 23, with a drive-through operation. Scheduling has been at their discretion by setting appointments by the hour as they are called in. If the designated appointment does not meet your itinerary, you can explain your situation and negotiate the schedule.

If transportation is an issue, Mt. Adams Transportation is available at no cost. But again, after you make your scheduled appointment, call (509) 493-4662 for a ride, and you (as well as other eligible members of your family) will be transported to and from the vaccine site.

By the way—I know this is going to be late to you readers, but as I send my news in on Sundays, it is that special day set aside for the romantic. So I hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day.