Some figures are in from the online livestock sale that occurred in August, when the sale couldn’t be done at the County Fair as usual:

  • 28 lambs averaged $980.
  • 9 goats averaged $927.
  • 32 steers averaged 2870.
  • 39 hogs averaged $1220.

These animals were sold by the head.

One-hundred and eight lots grossed $175,000 for a $1,620 average.

There were 158 people registered to bid in the online sale. Fifty-nine people bought animals. Thirty people gave money which the committee bid to buy animals and/or raise some of the lower prices after the sale. Of particular note was that about 60 percent of the animals were purchased for consumption, way up from previous years.

In 2019 there 132 lots gross $237,000 for an average of $1,798. For numbers there were 27 lambs, 13 goats, 36 steers, 56 hogs. These animals were sold by the pound.

Auction Sales Company from The Dalles managed the sale at no cost to the Fair Board. Ken Marvel took all the pictures that were posted on line at no cost to the kids.

Helen Rolfe added: “I had a great crew who made this happen for these kids. We could not have done it without everyone’s help.”