September 3, 1904 – 116 Years Ago

Levi Darland, a well-known Klickitat County resident, now in the [Puget] Sound area, is working on a scheme that someday could revolutionize our system of travel. He has discarded his balloon lifting idea. His new arrangement would lift his ship in the air by a number of propeller wheels set in a frame so that when they are set whirling at a high rate of speed, they will lift the life raft underneath from the resistance of the air, just as a steamer’s propellers sends forward a steamer by the resistance of the displaced water. He has another much larger propeller which runs the length of the ship and is expected to send it forward. He has not built one yet but is selling stock with that end in view.

August 19, 1920 – 100 Years Ago

If present plans materialize, manager Willard Eddie says he will have his motion picture theater in a new building by or shortly after the first of the year. The building will be 60 by 84 feet, especially built for a theater, and will be equipped with stage and scenery lofts and orchestra pit. It will have a fireproof operating room. A basement in the rear will be made, for adequate heating purposes. The building will seat over 800 persons.

July 29, 1950 – 70 Years Ago

Following a lengthy discussion of whether or not to hold a queen contest for the annual Klickitat County Fair, September 8,9, and 10, the Fair Board voted Tuesday evening to not hold the contest. It was felt that too much time was involved in putting on the queen contest, and not enough revenue could be made to warrant continuing the contest. In view of the fact the Fair Board has been to a great additional expense in the construction of the new livestock building and fencing of the rodeo grounds separate from the fair portion, an attempt will be made to seek donations from the citizens to help defray some of this expense.

August 24, 1950 – 70 Years Ago – 70 Years Ago

For the fourth consecutive year, the J. Neils Lumber Company of Klickitat has purchased a grain fed steer and given the same to the Klickitat County Fair Board. Rex Maurer, son of Max Maurer raised the animal. This is Rex’s first year as a member of the 4-H program. The 1,000-pound animal will be given away by raffle during the Sunday Rodeo.

September 3, 1970 – 50 Years Ago

Goldendale’s Hall Hotel, one of its oldest business establishments, has been sold and will change management October 1, it was announced Tuesday. The new owners are Tom Nelson and Bruce Miller both of Seattle. Nelson is a real estate broker who formed the new firm of Goldendale Realty with Dick Campbell as manager. The business was sold by Florence Bridgefarmer, widow of the late Don Bridgefarmer Sr., and Eldon and Laura Bridgefarmer. It had been in their hands since 1950. Arthur Hall had been associated with the hotel from 1910 to 1947.

September 3, 1970 – 50 Years Ago

This has long been recognized as Sam Hill Territory, what with the Maryhill Museum in our backyard (founded and built by Samuel Hill.) and recently the Sam Hill Memorial Bridge spanning the Columbia just below the town of Maryhill. But Sam Hill has been inactive since his death in 1931. Now at long last, we again have a Sam Hill in our midst—Sam E. Hill, new school superintendent at Glenwood. Our startled remark: “What the’… at least he’s come to the right county.”

—Richard Lefever

Klickitat County Historical Society