December 16, 1773 – 247 Years Ago

On the night of December 16, 1773, more than 100 members of the Sons of Liberty dressed up as American Indians. (They dressed as Indians to express to the world that they were “American,” not British subjects.) The men boarded the three ships and emptied their cargoes of tea (46 tons) into the harbor. The protest was more orderly than you might think. No looting was allowed. The protestors worked hard not to harm anything aboard the ships except the tea. In fact, the protestors swept the ships and put everything back into place. And they returned, later, to replace the only non-tea item that had been harmed: a padlock on one of the ships.

December 25, 1890 – 130 Years Ago

The No. 6 Grange bought the old McFall Store building at No. 6 consideration $450. The same will be turned into a Grange Hall. They also got about three acres of land with it, including the old blacksmith shop.

December 21, 1950 – 70 Years Ago

Dear Santa: I am the little boy who came from Wisconsin. We used to live in Laona. I don’t want you to forget us this year, I would like an erector set and a few little cars. I would also like a gun and holster set. Please bring my little brother a gun and holster set too and some cars too. Thank you, Leonard Wilber

December 23, 1954 – 66 Years Ago

The Maryhill Community presented a Christmas pageant at the schoolhouse Saturday evening. The school children gave a short program. Afterward the curtains were drawn to reveal a scene of Bethlehem, which covered the entire end of the room. With the spotlight on the scene, the choir sang “O Little Town of Bethlehem.” The singing was directed by Mrs. Beck, who also sang “Star of the East” as solo. The program was planned and directed by Mrs. Jessie Walter, Maryhill School teacher. Mrs. Georgianna Gunkle played the part of Mary; Marcia Smith, Joseph; Rosalie Gunkle and Artie Jo Blanchard, angels; Prudence Lee and Carol Takahashi , shepherds; Mrs. Beck, Mr. Beck, Sami Tsubota, wise men. Choir members were Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Lucille Short, Mrs. Kimi Tsubota, Mrs. Myria Tsubota, and Mrs. Myecko Tsubota.

December 12, 1985 – 35 Years Ago

Dear Santa: This year we have been pretty good boys and girls and we really need some things. Hope you have a big bag. We need two 4 x 4-S10 Blazers, one new police car, some new guns (please include some shells). Two new typewriters, a new radio repeater, and some extra gas. This is just our short list. I have a much longer list I’ll send with your head elf. Thanks a lot, Santa. Also, please get some taillights and headlights on that sleigh. The reindeer with the red nose is illegal because you can’t show a red light in the front. Sincerely, Sheriff Anderson

December 29, 1995 – 25 Years Ago

Laura Lee and Cindy Sue, twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs.Charles Koenig of Goldendale, received congratulatory letters the first of the week from Mamie Doud Eisenhower, wife of President Dwight Eisenhower. Mrs. Eisenhower was informed by letter from Ethel Mae that the girls were born on the date of the president’s birthday. The twins each received a letter from the first lady, which will be carefully preserved by the proud parents.

December 26, 1968 – 61 Years Ago

The Goldendale Jaycees, with the help of several local merchants, erected a 14-foot-high illuminated cross atop the Klickitat Valley Grain Growers elevator Saturday. Materials for the cross, which can be seen a considerable distance from town, were donated by Davis Building Supply, Western Auto, Coast to Coast, Gary’s TV, Goldendale Equipment, and Grange Supply. Work done on the cross other than by the Jaycees was handled by Marion Hudson, Jim Scrivner, and Jerry Ellingson.

—Richard Lefever

Klickitat County Historical Society