November 11, 1889


Washington was granted statehood November 11, 1889 becoming the 42nd State. Washington Territory was originally to be named “Columbia” for the Columbia River, but Kentucky Representative Richard H. Stanton, found the name to be similar to the District of Columbia and proposed naming the new territory after President Washington. Washington is the only state named after a president. (Wikipedia)

November 13, 1919 - 101 Years Ago

Fourteen football players with Coach Cain and several rooters jitneyed to The Dalles and went from there to Hood River by train with the express purpose of trimming the high school boys of that city in a football contest. The Goldendale team, which is composed of small, inexperienced men, was no match for the heavy and more experienced men from Hood River. The Hood River team has several boys back from service, and with recruits from former years back in the game, it was a tough combination to buck. The boys making the trip were Roberson, Wilkins, Gillenwaters, Kaiser, Willis, Cerveny, Glover, Brown, Dayton, Bamber, Layman, Lefever, Pike, and Selle.

November 17, 1955 – 65 Years Ago

Bitter cold weather hit the Goldendale area the past week as the cold front moved down from the Arctic. Tuesday’s low of nine degrees below zero is the coldest temperature ever officially recorded here for the date, reported Ray Meyer, local weather observer. His records date back to 1952 only, but it is believed that it has been many years since such extremely low temperatures were registered here so early in the season.

October 22, 1970 - 50 Years Ago

“Goldendale is a town that just simply was laid out backward.” This statement from the vice-chairman of the county planning commission Monday night illustrates the frustrated feeling the commission’s members experience as they begin the task of planning the area surrounding the city for zoning. The remark was amplified thus: “The rocky flat land ideal for industrial use lies to the west of the city, right where the prevailing wind is bound to blow smoke, fumes, or smells—and carry the noise right into the residential and commercial areas. Also, that happens to be the direction of the best views from the city.”

November 12, 1970 - 50 Years Ago

Fire totally destroyed the Springhill Cafe and adjoining house about 17 miles north of Goldendale on US 97 early Tuesday morning. Two families, including a six-month-old child, escaped injury when a passing truck driver routed them from their beds.

October 25, 1990 – 30 Years Ago

The “Grand Old House” in Bingen, the first home by white settlers in Klickitat County, will hold its 130th birthday party this Saturday. The Grand Old House is located just west of Bingen on SR14. It was built by Erastus and Mary Joslyn in 1860, after the Yakama Indians burned their original homestead in 1855 (a local tribe warned the homesteaders about the raid in time for them to escape across the river)

—Richard Lefever

Klickitat County Historical Society