The newly opened Maryhill Gift & Gallery shop is nestled in a little log cabin at the bottom of the Maryhill Grade. It’s the brainchild of Felicia Gray (right) and managed by Kathy Baldwin (left).

It is the dream of many to have a cabin in the woods, but Felicia Gray’s dream recently has developed into a cabin by a state park—by a river and a highway. Maryhill Gift & Gallery, housed in a little log cabin at the bottom of the Maryhill Grade on Highway 97 just before Maryhill State Park, became the fruition of that dream when she, along with fellow artist Kathy Baldwin, opened the store on October 15 of this year.

It wasn’t long after Felicia married Scott Gray and moved to Goldendale in 1992 that she began showing our community her abilities as a gifted artist. “I’m a doer,” says Felicia. “I didn’t want the small town to consume me—I wanted to consume the small town.” She and Debbie Clark, of Clark’s Floral, began the Christmas Home Tour to encourage some of our historic homeowners to express their creativity in decorating their homes for the holidays and then opening their doors so the rest of us could enjoy and appreciate the beauty of their efforts.