Frank Bybee, the “Worley Warrior,” ran across Klickitat County Friday to help raise awareness of the dangers of substance and alcohol abuse.

Frank Bybee is one of those paradoxical fighters, a terror in the ring but all kindness and inspiration in casual conversation and on the road. And he spends a lot of time on the road. Not driving. Walking.

Bybee says God worked through boxing to get him clean and sober, a stark shift from his earlier life when sobriety was a term he’d only heard of. Boxing helped him get a focus he’d never had before. Twenty years later, he’s not only still free of the millstone of excessive drink but also walking whenever he can to raise awareness that such liberation is possible.

Friday he walked across Klickitat County to do that again, traversing State Route 97 from the Yakima County border to the junction of 97 and Highway 14 below Goldendale. He passed through Goldendale about 5:15 Friday morning.

The Coeur d’Alene Tribe member is author of the book “The Worley Warrior,” his autobiographical account of his struggles with substance and alcohol abuse and his turn to Higher Guidance through the sport of boxing. Hearing him talk of his history, you’d think him a quiet and gentle person—which certainly describes his inner nature. He tells of his calling to make more people conscious of the dangers inherent in substance abuse as well as ways they can get help, if they would only choose it.

And Frank Bybee literally walks his talk.