Scam targets phony home warranty

Did you know your home warranty may have already expired? Scam artists sending phony notices to people in Goldendale and around Klickitat County are hoping you don’t know the answer to that. Their bright pink scam letters warn that your home warranty expiration is a matter of serious concern to them, and they’re shocked that you haven’t contact them about it.

“Please call immediately,” the letter advises, “as this will be our final attempt to notify you.” To emphasize how serious this is, the letter also warns, “We reserve the right to revoke your eligibility for service coverage after five days.”

The letter is yet another scam, this one designed to scare homeowners into calling without thinking or checking their homeowner insurance policy. While it has some appearances of legitimacy, the big tipoff that’s it phony is where it’s supposed to be from: “Home Warranty Direct,  Home Warranty Dept.” So that the home warranty department of a company called Home Warranty. How many departments do they have, one wonders?

If you get a letter, be sure to handle it responsibly: it’s paper, so put it in recycling. Maybe redact your identifying information on it first.