The Klickitat County Health Department (KCHD) announced yesterday the 1,000th confirmed COVID-19 case, reported on July 18. Just under a year ago, on July 27, 2020, Klickitat County had only 100 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

In its statement yesterday, KCHD said it wanted to remind residents how they can help stop the spread of COVID-19 and how KCHD is supporting residents and promoting containment within the county.

KCHD is currently supporting Klickitat County residents in the following ways:

  • Managing COVID-19 cases and contact tracing: KCHD is working diligently alongside local clinics and hospitals to follow-up with all COVID-19 positive patients - ensuring residents have the guidance and resources they need to self-quarantine. KCHD also works with patients to help identify other community members that may be at risk by tracing back close patient contacts and reaching out to them with quarantine recommendations. 
  • Public communication and health information: KCHD continues to share COVID-19 updates and information to the public through printed materials, social media, their website, and email.
  • KCHD is holding vaccination clinics throughout Klickitat County to help residents gain access to no cost COVID-19 vaccinations. 

KCHD recently announced that the highly transmissible Delta variant was detected in Klickitat County. The Delta variant has the potential to cause more severe symptoms leading to hospitalizations and an increased risk of death. Current research supports that the vaccines available to the public are effective against preventing severe symptoms and hospitalizations caused by the Delta variant. 

It is still important to wash your hands and stay home when you are sick. It is also highly recommended that residents who are unvaccinated continue to maintain social distance, and wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth while in public.

If you are currently experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, please contact your primary care provider about getting tested. Anyone with symptoms can be tested in Klickitat County by calling to make an appointment at Klickitat Valley Health, Skyline Health, or Northshore Medical Group. 

KCHD will continue to respond to COVID-19 with the current course of action. This includes encouraging community members to get vaccinated in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Community members can schedule their vaccinations online through KCHD at or by calling NorthShore Medical, Skyline Health, or Klickitat Valley Health for a vaccine appointment.