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When it comes to gardening, I tend to be more passive than active. The main reason for this—and perhaps also my biggest excuse—is that I do not have time. Lots of people garden even with schedules much busier than mine, but there it is: I feel like I need more time at home to fully enjoy the benefits of gardening.

I have written other columns about gardening and have pointed out the abundance of gardening-related titles available at the library. But I have not focused on what I will continue to call passive gardening; that is, enjoying the beauty of other people’s gardens. Living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, this is not hard to do. Drive around just about any neighborhood or town, and you will find flowers and plants galore. If getting out and about is hard for you to do, here is a fun fact: the library has some lovely books about famous gardens and gardeners. If, like me, you want to garden but do not have the time, reading these books is a wonderful way to keep that gardening spirit alive.