This is my last act from the best seat in the house. It has been my pleasure to write about your children’s sports exploits. and photograph them in action.

I have been thrilled to see that the athletes in the schools in this county (and probably other counties) are usually the top students in their schools. The notion of dumb jocks is non-existent around here.

One thing I have learned over the years is that sports are for kids. Whenever something negative happens in sports, it is generally due to actions of adults. Sports=Games= Play=Fun. Otherwise sensible parents sometimes lose that perspective and want to interject drama.

I am not a fan of school sports. I’d prefer it was run by a county athletic director. Why? Partly because it opens up the possibilities to have many more kinds of sports. Partly because it accommodates whatever level of player you want to be, serious or just for fun. But, mostly because I am offended when I see people use sports as a tool to damage schools. If we can’t have complete separation of sports and school, can we at least isolate our irrational behavior over sports and keep it in the sports arena?

My mantra is, if you can’t have fun doing it, don’t do it. I won’t be writing or photographing sports anymore, but I will be at games helping support the kids’ notions of great sports conquests. I will applaud good play on both sides of the ball or net. I hope you will too. I am giving up the best seat in the house, but I am not leaving the house. See you at the games.