Meal Planning

So now I’m in the process of meal planing. I like to take it one week at a time (pencil in the second week when I’m feeling ambitious). I don’t like to look ahead too far into the future because I start to get confused, and then I worry about having enough, then… Well, long story short, I prefer to make my yearly goal at Christmas, write it on a piece of cardboard, hang it on the tree, then forget about it until I unpack Christmas ornaments the next year. (Yes, of course I try to have three months’ worth of bill money in the bank, but it’s a fact: life happens and plans change.)

I made my meal plan, and last Saturday Sonny made Hamburgers. Sunday we had roast rooster. Monday we ate beans and ham; Tuesday was tacos; Wednesday (today) will be mac and cheese; Thursday I’ll make chicken noodle soup and coto-salami on raisin bread sandwiches (one of Grandma Lydia’s favorites). Friday I’ll eat breakfast for dinner and/or leftovers instead of bass.    

Why the change in plans to breakfast for dinner and/or left overs instead of bass (see picture)? Because my boys are heading over the mountain and through the woods to Grandma Lydia’s to cut last year’s log pile into winter firewood for the grandparents, so I won’t have to be worried about Friday’s or Saturday’s meals for them. The chains on my boy’s chain saws are sharpened and ready to go, and our log splitter will get rolled into the truck as soon as Pastor Larry is finished using it. Hubby even put a new chain of the big chain saw. He’s been sharpening chain for folks for a while, so if you have a chain saw that needs sharpening...       

Life happened, and my orderly meal plan got rearranged, so we’ll eat bass next Friday. I have a head start on next week’s eating; I get to be all relaxed over dinner a couple nights in a row this weekend; life is good. I figure it’s good to have a plan, a starting place, even if only to deviate from it.

Here’s a picture of the white board calendar that stars in my journey to free up time and energy to focus on compiling those Seasonal Stories and Rustic Recipes (Fall Edition, as well as Spring and Summer are available upon request. Winter Edition? Coming soon).

The fact of the matter is: I have foods stashed in my home that need to be used up. How am I to do that if I don’t have a plan? Stock piling does me no good if I don’t have a way to use the ‘stuff’! Food, as all things, grows stale setting on a shelf, and I’d rather use it while it’s still within its expiration date. (Some things, like seeds, don’t actually have an expiration date.)

My goal when I take the time to meal plan is not only to save time (and money). It’s also to save energy (energy is the precursor of vitality) and to offer greater nutrition to my family. As we all know, vitality, like immunity and good health, starts with greater nutrition.