Last week

We’ve colorized this picture from last week. This picture may have been taken the mid to late ’50s, according to both Dale Cameron and Steve Nygaard, and could have been from a Centerville School reunion (the people in the picture were all juniors or seniors in 1925, according to a Sentinel story that same year). Or it could have had something to do with the Cattlemen’s Association. With a date range this large, we were unable to look through The Sentinel’s archives for the picture as it ran back then. Following are the names we were given and what we were able to discern with a very close examination of the name tags with a magnifying glass. There were other guesses, but we were able to eliminate the names that didn’t fit.

Left to right they are: Paul Dooley, Elma Cameron, Alice (possibly Hyrkas?), Hilmer Erickson, and Harold Eschleman.