Answer to last week’s Mystery Picture


Last week we ran a picture of a large group of people apparently at some big outdoor dining event. We invited readers to identify the people, the place, and the time.

Here’s the answer we got back: this is at Lyle and Pat Woods’ house in Centerville in 1959. They were Cattlemen of the Year, and this was a barbecue at their place put on by the Klickitat County Cattleman Association.

And looking back to earlier Mystery Photos: T. M. West tells us the picture we ran of a mail carrier with a horse-drawn carriage was of Zenas Mattson, who was the rural mail carrier in Centerville for 40 years. “When my father resigned as Chief of Police in 1960,” West writes, “he took over as rural mail carrier when Zenas retired. Marc Niva was the one who identified him in the photo. I believe this was taken in early 1919. The Looking Back column in the same section mentions Zenas and that he would soon be purchasing the Tin Lizzie for delivering mail, so the photo had to be taken early 1919 when he first started. That was the same time my grandmother stepped down as postmaster at Centerville. Then Patsy Palmer took over as postmaster.”