Last week

Last week we ran a picture of a group of people inside what looks like a barn. We invited readers to identify the people, the place, and the time.

We heard back from several people, and piecing together their responses, here’s what we have on this picture. (Keep in mind all names are as they ran in The Sentinel at the time, so they won’t reflect married names.) Front row, left to right: Trisha Spencer, Chelsea Spencer, Heidi Hale, Corina Huva, Lisl Garnett, Brock Warrener. Back row: Unknown, Stacey Strode, Unknown, Unknown, Shelly Gandy, Lauriellen Mitchell, Klickitat County Rodeo Queen Julie Shamek. The picture was taken August 28, 1994, at the Klickitat County Fair. The occasion was the Horse Awards in the old sale barn, no longer standing.