Thursday, April 12, 1945: The annual Simcoe banquet was held Wednesday evening at Mac’s Café banquet room for the 20 members and their wives. Paul Johnson was toastmaster. On the committee to plan the program was Johnson, Clarence Phillips and A. C. Keefhaver.

One of the features of the evening was a none-too-serious debate on whether or not women should be admitted as members of the club. R. A. Jackson took the affirmative, with Chuck Gronewald taking the negative. Nothing was accomplished, as was the intention.

The five newly-initiated members each gave instructive and informative talks on subjects which they knew nothing about. Jerrine Austin gave a chalk-talk in which each member was victimized in cartoon and in verse.

The loosing members in an attendance contest were served beans and dry bread while the winners and guests ate ham, etc. The losers upon finishing the beans, were then served ham.