November 12, 1891 – 130 Years Ago

About 4 o’clock last Saturday morning, the citizens of Goldendale were aroused from their slumbers by the startling rattle of the church bell. The remembrance of the great conflagration of 1888 which nearly swept our then-most beautiful city out of existence came vividly to mind when looking out at the red and lurid flames which were seen leaping high in the air. The building back of the F. M. and Company’s brick, owned by J.M. Hess was the victim. The building was occupied by Mr. Sparks as a laundry.

November 26, 1891 – 130 Years Ago

Ever since the Pilgrims settled in the New England states, the religious festival of Thanksgiving Day has been celebrated in America. It was usually held on the fourth Thursday in November, as by that time the gathering in, or harvesting of, the various products was completed; and it was deemed a fitting time to offer up thanks to Providence for His bounties. In 1861, President Lincoln issued the first proclamation for a National Thanksgiving; since then, Thanksgiving Day has been observed as a legal holiday. The people of the United States have an unusual number of bounties to be thankful for just now. We have enjoyed peace not only within our borders but with other nations of the world; crops have been plentiful, and with prospects of good prices; we have been providentially favored as a nation and as a people. It is a beautiful national custom inaugurated at a time when the nation was passing through the darkest hours of its eventful history. It is best to pause mid our prosperous and busy moments and render thanks for it all to the Giver.

November 11, 1921 – 100 Years Ago

G.R. Swanson displayed his climbing and acrobatic ability this past Saturday when he climbed the 101-foot county flagpole in the courthouse yard and restrung the half-inch rope through the pulley.

November 19, 1931 – 90 Years Ago

Applications for 1932 motor licenses have been received at the county auditor’s office since the first of the month. The charge on all pleasure cars is $3.00 for the license and 25 cents for the auditor’s fee. The extra one cent gas tax makes up the difference between the old price and the new three-dollar fee. As this money is used in building the roads, more than ever the man who uses the roads now pays for them.

November 18, 2001 – 20 Years Ago

After 57 years, one of Goldendale’s oldest family-owned businesses switched hands last week. Longtime owners of NAPA’s Goldendale Auto Supply, Skip and Norma Carsey, sold the business to Gary and Sue Ward of Sumner, near Puyallup. It is a dream come true for Gary Ward, who is the son of the late Goldendale Lawyer Thurman Ward. Gary’s mother, Geneva (Ward) Wyatt, is pleased to see her son come back to the area where he grew up. Gary, 54, is a 1965 GHS graduate and has worked extensively in the auto parts industry since 1963.

—Richard Lefever

Klickitat County Historical Society