May 23, 1889 – 132 Years Ago

Arrangements have been completed for a fine three-story hotel on the lots just north of the court house. Such a spirit of enterprise has taken hold of the people of Goldendale in the past year that when they make up their minds they need a thing, they set about procuring it, and it does not all end in wind, either. A good hotel has long been needed in Goldendale, and the people have at last decided to fill the long-felt want by putting up a good three-story wood structure to cost in the aggregate from $15,000 to $20,000. The names of the gentlemen who have combined together for this purpose is sufficient guarantee that the work will be done, and well done at that. The following gentlemen have taken stock in the “Goldendale Hotel and Building Company”: A. L. Anderson, Cumming and Cram, T.L. Masters, Justine Scammon, G.F. McKinney, I. C. Darland, V. E. Gobat, Phil Carwell, C.E. Morris, Peter Nelson, H.D. Young. [Our new county courthouse annex now occupies this site.]

June 1, 1904 – 116 Years Ago

J.O. Wing, Master of the Washington State Grange, desires the following notice given insertion: The 16th annual session of the Washington State Grange will be held at Centerville, Klickitat County, June 7, 8, and 9. Reduced rates have been secured on all lines leading to Centerville. A cordial invitation is extended to all members of other states to meet with us on this occasion. Steamers leave Portland daily (Regulator line) at 7 p.m. This makes a very pleasant excursion through some of the finest scenery in the world. Patrons from east of the mountains should come by the O. R. & N. to The Dalles, take the steamer from The Dalles to Lyle, then catch the train to Centerville. Steamers leave at 7 a.m. daily, except Sunday. (Approximately 350 delegates made their way to Centerville.)

June 9, 1910 – 111 Years Ago

Is Blockhouse progressive? Well, I should say, although there is no glaring sign to meet the eye, no advertisement to tell the people there is a new enterprise there, yet we have it on good authority that a matrimonial bureau actually exists at this place and that for $50 a wife can be secured for anyone in the market. A certain young man is now in correspondence with one of the fair sex in the east through this agency. Later we may hear more about this.

June 5, 1911 – 110 Years Ago

George Bunn opened the first store in Wishram for business June 5, 1911.

June 4, 1931 – 90 Years Ago

The Annual Klickitat Picnic will be held at Peninsula Park in Portland on June 14, and everybody from Klickitat County, past or present, is expected to attend. Frank Bunnell will be there with his famous coffee for everyone; so, put up your lunch in a pasteboard box, put gas and oil in the family Flivver, and come. It’ll do all of you good and make us happy. Among other good things on the program, an old loyal Klickitater, Ira Henderson, former sheriff, is going to give a talk. [Flivver: slang for a cheap automobile, usually a Model T.]

June 7, 1941 – 80 Years Ago

Real bargain hunters would probably have married before today, because marriage licenses took a 50-cent hike as of mid-night, June 7. It was at that time that a new law, upping fees charged by county officials, went into effect. One of those increases was the price of marriage licenses—they were $4.50; they’re now $5 each.

May 21, 1981 – 40 Years ago

Is Home Box Office the big hit it’s supposed to be? In Goldendale the answer is apparently yes, at least in the opinion of the sponsor, Goldendale Cable Vision Inc. After three weeks of operation, no one has voiced any complaint, and hookup orders are still coming in, according to Merle Smith, owner of the local cable franchise. Some 300 families are now enjoying HBO and fully 75 percent of them also are receiving its 24-hour movie companion, Cinemax.

—Richard Lefever

Klickitat County Historical Society