February 28, 1892 – 131 Years Ago

A disastrous fire occurred in our little city last Sunday morning in which the livery barn belonging to John Tilden was burned to the ground.  Fortunately, it was a rainy morning, with no wind blowing, or several other buildings would doubtless have been consumed.  Mr. Tilden had gone to the mow to throw down some hay and set the lantern down on a shelf as he had been accustomed to do.  But in throwing down the hay he frightened a large cat which leaped against the lantern upsetting it and spilling the oil on the hay which was quickly ignited and in less than a minute the whole barn was in flames.    


March 7, 1903 – 120 Years Ago

Lawyer, W.D. Presby has purchased lots on the Young property, opposite Dr. Alan Bonebrake and is having it cleared to at once begin the construction of a big beautiful mansion, the equal of any in Goldendale, with elegant and commodious grounds surrounding the same.  Mr. Presby has chosen a very desirable part of the city for a home, being near the main business part and yet in a quiet section.


March 1, 1913 – 110 Years Ago

A new idea for Centerville is to be introduced at the inaugural ball to be given there March 4th.  Everyone dancing will be given a souvenir program which will enable them to keep track of dances.  This dance will be given to wind up the dancing school run during the last month by the Jussila Brothers, who furnished a fine time to all who attended. 


March 7, 1945 – 78 Years Ago

Two service sons of Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Enyeart, of Goldendale, have received their discharges and arrived home.  They are PFC Luke Enyeart and Sgt. Fred S. Enyeart.  They completed their service at Fort Lewis, where they received their discharges.  Luke plans to make his home in Goldendale while Fred will take employment at Longview.


March 7, 1963 – 60 Years Ago

There are approximately 700 holes dug and about that many poles set on the Blockhouse Truck telephone line and adjoining feeder lines.  About 4,500-man hours were spent on the job, by a total of 45 men since January 1.   The phone company furnishes material; the men do the work of installing all the new two wire systems where grounded circuits were before.


March 1, 1973 – 50 Years Ago

Two long time Goldendale school administrators – Glenda O’Neal, Primary School principal, and Harold Oxwang, High School principal – will retire at the end of this school year.  In letters of resignation accepted by the Goldendale school Board both Mrs. O’Neal and Oxwang indicated a desire to let younger, more active persons assume the positions., which they held respectfully for 27 and 22 years.


March 8, 1973 – 50 Years Ago

Marv Jewell, district manager for United Telephone Company of the Northwest, has announced that construction for upgrading telephone service (reducing a 10-family party line to four family-party lines) in Centerville has resumed.  Aside from the upgrade, the 21.8-mile cable now being buried will provide facilities for 15 residences that do not presently have service.