September 10, 1891 – 130 Years Ago

The Dalles today presents a pitiful sight. Fully one-half of the city is in ashes. The beautiful shade trees which have been the most pleasing feature of the city, are scarred, leafless trunks. The entire city east of Washington Street is an ashy plain, with nothing to obstruct the view, as far as the warehouse at the extreme eastern limits.

September 1, 1892 - 129 Years Ago

William Schuster has a yard fence painted with genuine Klickitat paint as it was dug from the ground, mixed with oil, and spread on the fence by a neighbor.

August 30, 1951 – 70 Years Ago

A break in the water main in front of Frank Conner’s residence on East Broadway [Anderson brick house] threatened serious damage August 22 before it was repaired by members of the city water department. The old wooden water main, located in Connor’s parking strip about five feet from the street and three feet underground, burst at approximately 8 p.m. The force of the geyser lifted the cement sidewalk and threw water and soil several feet into the air. It took five hours to bring the flood under control and repair the leak. The water loss would have drained the reservoir by Thursday morning. It is believed the break occurred because minerals in the soil ate away the wire fasteners and allowed the staves to separate.

September 6, 1951 – 70 Years Ago

If gold medals were being awarded to business firms for outstanding community service, without doubt of argument the award would go to Ledbetter’s. We were very unhappy that the senior “Doug” Ledbetter refused to have his picture taken in recognition of those who have annually contributed $100 cash to the Klickitat County Fair. Ledbetter’s, during their 46 years of business in Goldendale, have always headed the list when it comes to financial aid and work. Pages could be written on the many community programs that Ledbetter’s have helped put over to make Goldendale and surrounding area better in every way.

September 2, 1971 - 70 years Ago

Groundbreaking ceremonies for the Georgeville housing development occurred Monday at the site six miles northeast of Goldendale. Plans for the 15-unit Indian “subdivision” were started in 1965, according to Levi George, one of the participants in the project. It was originally scheduled for 26 houses, but the rockiness of the terrain caused disapproval of the sewer system and drain-field for that many units.

September 2, 1971 – 70 Years Ago

The State of Washington lost the services of one of its veteran fire-fighters and one of the most knowledgeable woodsmen in this region with the retirement of R. H. “Dick” Sellers who went on the retirement list September 1. A native of Central Klickitat County, Dick knew the terrain between the Columbia Hills and the summit of the Simcoe’s almost by heart after 32 years as a fire control officer of this area. A thousand fires and more had called him to all points from the Klickitat River eastward at all hours of the day and all days of the season. He knew where all the people lived, where all the roads were; where the streams were, how the ridges ran, and how to get into and out of box canyons.

—Richard Lefever

Klickitat County Historical Society