February 27, 1890 – 131 Years Ago

The following is a little girl’s essay on a cow found in a Sentinel School report: “A cow is an animal with four legs on the underside. The tail is longer than the legs, but is not used to stand on. The cow kills flies with her tail. The cow has big ears that wiggle on hinges; so does her tail. The cow is bigger than the calf, but not as big as an elephant. She is made small so that she can go into the barn when nobody’s looking. Some cows are black and some have hooks. A dog was hooked once. She tossed the dog that killed the cat that worried the rat. Black cows give white milk; so do other cows. Milkmen sell milk to buy their little girls dresses. Cows chew cuds, and each finds its own chew. That is all there is about cows.

March 1, 1909 – 112 years Ago

Auto drivers must observe the city speed limits. This was the mandate of Police Chief Tom Story. [Tom was originally from the Goldendale.] Chief Story reminded motorists that the speed from 8th street to 7th Avenue on Yakima Avenue was 6 miles per hour. He said some motorists had been hitting 20 to 28 miles per hour. Chief Story said that recently a hearse in a funeral procession on Yakima Avenue was nearly upset. A careless speeding automobile driver passed the rig, frightening the horses drawing the hearse. Four prominent North Yakima citizens were rounded up by police and charged with breaking the automobile speed limits laws. The men were locked by police, traveling all the way from 12 to 28 miles per hour in their gas buggies.

February 18, 1911 – 110 Years Ago

Near Maryhill a large dam is being built by Samuel Hill in a narrow canyon which will catch the flood waters in spring and holds them throughout the dry season for irrigation. The improvements outlined by Mr. Hill, including the dam, macadamized roadbeds, and the construction of a road to meet the state aid thoroughfare now building between Goldendale and Columbus, it is asserted, will cost nearly $1,000,000. The payroll of Sam Hill during last summer was $12,000 per month. His hobby is said to be the completion of the huge dam under construction. [Remnants of this dam can still be seen from the Maryhill Grade on highway 97.]

February 27, 1913 - Goldendale Independent - 108 Years Ago

Olympia – Senator Hutchinson, of Spokane, introduced a memorial in the Senate asking the legislature of Idaho to consent with Washington to the making of a new state of the counties of Kootenai, Bonner, Latah, Shoshone and Nez Perce, in Idaho, and Pend d’ Oreille, Stevens, Spokane, Ferry, Okanogan, Chelan, Kittitas, Yakima, Klickitat, Walla Walla, Columbia, Asotin, Garfield, Franklin, Adams, Whitman, Grant, Douglas, Lincoln, and Benton Counties in Washington. The new State would be called Lincoln.

February 19, 1939 – 82 Years Ago

Abbott and Costello performed “Who’s on First” for the first time on radio on “The Kate Smith Hour.”

February 14, 1991 – 30 Years Ago

East District Court Judge Joe Churchill, who survived three wars and won seven purple hearts, together with many other citations for bravery above and beyond the call of duty, ended his final battle quietly this past week in Goldendale.

In 1962, President John Kennedy wanted the Navy to form a unit with even higher qualifications than the Green Berets. Churchill and his long-time military friend [and future Klickitat County Sheriff] Rich Williams were chosen for the resulting organization, the Navy Seals. The acronym stood for Sea, Air, and Land. The Seals had four main duties in the Vietnam War, as Churchill discussed in a 1985 interview: intelligence gathering, kidnapping enemy military or political leaders, ambushing enemy holdings, and assassination of enemy leaders.

“We were the spooks—the military arm of the CIA.”

Feb 23, 2011 – 10 Years Ago

The Maryhill Museum of Art broke ground Friday on its new wing expansion. The museum is adding a new wing, being built underground on the current building, with a glass enclosed walkway over it.

—Richard Lefever

Klickitat County Historical Society