October 1, 1891 – 130 Years Ago

We have no doubt in the world that sugar cane can be made a paying industry in Klickitat County. A specimen hill of sorghum brought into The Sentinel office by Mr. W. T. Darch bears us out in the assertion that it will grow abundantly.

September 22, 1921 – 100 Years Ago

James Vanhoy left the past Saturday for Yakima in a Ford truck belonging to the county, loaded with prize pigs raised in this vicinity, which he was taking over to the Washington State Fair for exhibition purposes. When quite a way down on Satus, the transmission of the truck refused to transmit further, and the result was that he had to camp by the roadside with the pigs until help could be gotten from Goldendale to fix the machine. Tony Yankee and Sherman Duffield went out the next morning with necessary tools and replacements, and Mr. Vanhoy was soon fixed up and sent on his way rejoicing,

October 8, 1931 – 90 Years Ago

The Department of Public works granted a certificate of necessity to Z.O. Brooks and Stuart Palmer for the operation of a truck line from Goldendale to Yakima. This made it possible for through-freight from Portland to Yakima to leave Portland in the evening, arrive at Goldendale around midnight, and be delivered at business houses in Yakima at opening time in the morning. Freight leaving Yakima for Portland would likewise be able to leave Yakima in the evening and be at Portland in the early morning.

October 1, 1976 – 45 Years Ago

The largest immunization program in U.S. history starts today as Americans throughout the nation roll up their sleeves for shots to stop the new deadly disease of Swine Flu Fever, which is expected to appear later in the winter. This flu is closely related to the flu strain outbreak in 1918-1919 that killed over 500,000 Americans.

October 8, 1981- 40 Years Ago

Nearly 500 nine- to 19-year-olds and 123 adults are enrolled as 4-H members and leaders in Klickitat County. The members carry over one thousand projects. Horses, sheep, crafts, foods, and clothing are the most popular of the sixty-odd projects areas offered in the 4-H program. There are currently thirty-five clubs in the county in nearly every community and neighborhood. Some clubs have a single leader and five or six members. Others are community-wide with a dozen leaders and fifty or sixty members.

October 4, 2001 – 20 Years Ago

Drew Ross and Courtney Deery are carefully placing penny after penny into 50-cent rolls. It’s tedious work, but these sixth grade GMS students don’t seem to mind. They’re doing it to help their country. Ross, 11 and Deery, 12 are sorting through buckets of change collected by fellow classmates in a money drive organized by the school. Theresa Babler, a school counselor who helped come up with the idea, estimates the drive will raise as much as one thousand dollars for families of victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

—Richard Lefever

Klickitat County Historical Society