Mystery Photo: Cake

The writing on the cake the woman in the center is holding reads, “Where ever you go, what ever you do.” And wherever she went and whatever she did is still a mystery to us, as is her name, unfortunately.  Betty Zesiger and Mark Doubravsky were the only ones with names this week—one of these ladies was pretty well known to him: his mother, LaVerne. Betty and Mark were able to give us almost all the names except for the lady with the cake. Left to right: Gerry Thomson (or Fentress), Clara West (you may recall her husband, Doc West, who was a local dentist), Jack O’Neil, unknown, Paula Copenheifer (whose husband, Byron Copenheifer, was an East District Circuit Court Judge), Mabel Guinan (former County treasurer), and LaVerne Doubravsky (former County Treasurer).