Hog Thief Known To Officers Here (On front page)

Futility of Ringleader Certain as Officers Prepare to Get Culprit into Laws Net

                The ringleader in the hog theft of which has been operating in our counties, including Klickitat, is known to officers, a report states this week, and a concerted drive for its apprehension is under way.

                Posters with the culprits picture will be printed this week and distributed to law enforcement agencies among the entire nation.

                The report, which did not reveal the name of the man sought after, stated, however, that he worked in the valley not long ago and is down here.

                His partner is in jail in Colfax after officers found him in his Tacoma home.


THE HOG THEVES  (On page 4)

                It must be a great source of satisfaction to the ranchers of the Klickitat valley to know that the hog thieving which has stirred the wrath of many has been bottled, at least for a time.

                Heavy losses sustained by tow or three farmers in the vicinity furnished the thieves with a small portion of their gross over a period of several months.  But ranchers were fearful lest their pens be the next to be rifled of valuable animals.

                Though action sometimes comes late on cases such as these, justice eventually finds a pathway into the lair of the culprits.  Officers of four or five counties cooperated to land the ring within the toils of the law.

                For the few thousand dollars these men took in potential hams and bacon we wonder how they feel to have their own “goose cooked.”