Mystery Photo: Goldendale City Council

There was little mystery in this Attic Mystery Picture. Rusty McEwen had everyone in identified before Mark Doubravsky even picked up his paper Wednesday morning. Betty Zesiger stopped by Wednesday afternoon, Pam Gray Reed sent us an email, and Friday afternoon we met Travis Gray. Everyone agreed on the names of the pictured and thought it could be the Goldendale City Council. We cross-referenced dates of service on the Council and thought the picture was between 1960 and 1972, a very wide range to search through. Then, with a flash of brilliance, we noted the calendar on the back wall of the original picture! Assuming, of course, that someone changed the calendar regularly, we believe this to be June of 1962, even though we were unable find the original picture as it ran in The Sentinel.

Back row, Left to right: Dean Gillenwaters, Johnny McClanathan, Harold Gray, and John Tol. Front row: Lucille Schultz, George Nesbitt, Mark Besst, and Bob Powell.

A bit about this group of people: Dean Gillenwaters owned Gillenwaters Hardware store; he was elected in 1962. Johnny McClanathan owned Johnny’s Plumbing Service; elected in 1960. Harold Gray was a Carnation Milk representative for 25 years and spent 14 years on the Goldendale City Council; first elected in 1960. John Tol owned Tol Station and Restaurant and built the Golden Lanes Bowling alley; he  was an incumbent in 1960. Lucille Schultz was the City Clerk. George Nesbitt was the mayor of Goldendale for 17 years, from 1952 to 1969, and built the Barchris Motel. Mark Besst worked for the PUD and served as the mayor pro tem; elected in 1960. Bob Powell owned Powell’s Rubber OK Tire Store and Alignment Shop. He also owned Sears and the carwash by the Goldendale Market Fresh store. He was elected in 1962.

Did you know? The February 4, 1960, edition of The Goldendale Sentinel noted, “Listed for the position of councilmen are 18 candidates from whom will ultimately be chosen six.” The 18 candidates were Mark E. Besst, Fern E. Bruner, Sterling Dickey, Ed Doubravsky, Al Graham, Harold Gray, Freeman R. Grow, R. P. Jecroux, George E. Miller, Don A. McCardell, Johnny McClanathan, H. G. Rowley, Bernard Shelper, Glenn O. Stevens, Mary F. Thomas, John Tol, Ted Wagner, and Kenton E. Yoder.