Wrestler extraordinaire.

Goldendale wrestling has started off well, and the same goes for Kali Watson. This junior wrestler is in the weight class 135 and done a great job of working hard and representing the Wolves.

Kali began wrestling her freshman year when the previous coach, Justin Walker, talked her into it. This wasn’t something she thought she would be interested in or even would like. But after participating and competing Kali found something she really enjoys, works hard at, and has some great talent for. Kali has brought home a medal from every tournament she has competed in this season which is a big accomplishment. She placed 2nd at the Granger tournament, 2nd at the Toppenish tournament, 3rd at the Best of the West tournament, and 3rd at the Kelso tournament. “One of my favorite things of competing is winning the matches you never thought you’d win,” says Kali. Especially when she is pitted against some of the top ranked wrestlers in the state.

Though she is off to an impressive start, Kali really looks forward to wrestling the girls she has lost to this year. “I have learned a lot from them this year already, and I’m ready to take them on again,” she says. To make sure she is prepared for these opponents and any others ahead of her, Kali is making sure to get to practice, listen to her coaches, work hard, and work on different skills and positions. Currently she is working on pinning combinations such as cradles and shooting. Aside from skills on the mat, Kali feels that all wrestlers need to be mentally tough, stating, “Wrestling is a huge mental game, and you can’t be weak mentally and be a good wrestler.”

When getting on the bus for away meets, Kali loves to make sure she takes her favorite snack, Extra Cheesy Cheese-It Crackers. Although Kali has some amazing skills on the mat, if she could pick any super power she would pick seeing the future. This way she could look ahead and see her opponent's next move. Kali’s favorite drill at practice is play wrestling. Basically, you find different positions to get into and just wrestle from there; it makes you think on your feet and work on getting out of and into different positions. Kali also competes in soccer and has horses that she competes on as well outside of wrestling. Kali’s goal this year is to make it back to the state wrestling tournament and place. She has a big heart and lots of determination, her goals are getting closer and closer, and we will surely see her back at state.

The support from her coaches, family, and teammates is something that Kali enjoys and is grateful to have. Be on the lookout for some more incredible things from this girl this season. We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes.