April 20, 1882 – 141 Years Ago

Several worthless dogs (we have no reference to the two-legged ones) are by day and by night promenading our streets and often prove a nuisance. Within the past week, several of them have been shot at, and unless they are kept nearer home one of these fine spring mornings the hotel boarders will be rejoicing, unawares, over canine sausage.


April 26, 1898 – 125 Years Ago

At a mass meeting to be held in the courtroom next Saturday, there will be a general expression of opinions as to the advisability of making women voting citizens.


April 22, 1920 – 103 Years Ago

After May 1st, the display advertising rate will be increased to 20 cents per inch per issue, the same being the lowest rate in the paper. It is needless to dwell upon the necessity for this increase in rates. Everyone of us has been up against the same thing. In the printing business every expense entering the publishing of the newspaper has doubled since our rate of fifteen cents per inch was made. We trust our advertisers will cooperate with us in this matter, as they have in the past. On our part we will be enabled to give better service, pay better salaries and possibly be able to procure additional help. It is our sincere hope this price increase for advertising will carry us over the crest of high prices. After making an investigation, we find no newspaper in this state as large in circulation, carrying a rate lower than twenty cents, and in most cases the rate is twenty-five. In some instances, charges are made for preferred space, from five to ten cents per inch additional.


April 26, 1913 – 110 Years Ago

By a recent order of the postmaster general all rural mail carriers will have to paint their rigs a brilliant and conspicuous red. This is so that they will be easily identified by all drivers on the road. All mailboxes on the rural routes also must be painted red.


April 26, 1913 – 110 Years Ago

The Goldendale school district has paid off $7,000 of its indebtedness. The district still owes $10,000, which is due on or before the year 1919. The district is in first class condition, having $30,000 worth of property. It is expected that in less than five years the district will be clear of all debt.


April 24, 1953 – 70 Years ago

Construction of 20 new houses in Klickitat by the J. Niels Lumber Co. is expected to start this week. It was reported in Goldendale this week. General Contractor will be the Mid-State Construction Co. of The Dalles. The Knights Electric company of Goldendale received the contract for wiring the houses which will be two-bedroom units.


April 26, 1973 – 50 Years ago

The Goldendale unit of Safeway Stores Inc. will end 39 years of business as a leading contender in food sales in the community when it closes its doors for the last time Saturday night. Although this is the end of Safeway in Goldendale, the food market itself will not lose a day. It will open Monday at 9 a.m. under new management but proudly reviving an old name for this area – Star market. The manager will be Delvin Woody. The previous Star Market, originally located next to the Star Theater, was operated by George Klein for approximately 38 years. It went out of business 20 years ago when Klein leased its building to Safeway.


—Richard Lefever

Klickitat County Historical Society