The Emergency Operations Center in Unified Command with the Public Health Department has received the support of the Klickitat County Board of Health and the Board of Commissioners to apply for Phase 3 of the Governor’s “Safe Start” plan. The Phase 3 application was submitted to the state last week, and a decision from the state is still pending.

In Phase 3 all of the previous activities allowed will continue with the addition of the following:

  • Recreation: Outdoor group recreational sports activities (50 or fewer people),
  • Recreational facilities at less than 50 percent capacity (gyms, public pools, etc.)
  • Gatherings: Allow gatherings with no more than 50 people.
  • Spiritual or religious services: Indoor capacity of 50 percent or 400 people (whichever is less). Choirs not allowed.
  • Travel: Resume non-essential travel
  • Business: Restaurants/taverns at less than 75 percent capacity, table size no larger than 10, bar areas in restaurants/taverns at less than 25 percent capacity, theaters at less than 50 percent capacity, customer-facing government services (telework remains strongly encouraged), libraries, museums, all other business activities not yet listed except for nightclubs and events with greater than 50 people.

All health requirements for physical distancing and facial coverings will remain the same as the guidance for previous phases. The county is intent on maintaining its current status and not allowing the virus to become uncontrolled in the county. Recommended precautions include physical distancing of at least six feet from non-household members, wear a face covering in public, wash your hands, cover coughs and sneezes,​ avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands, disinfect surfaces, avoid crowded places, stay home if sick, and avoid others who are sick.

Use the following sites if you would like more information: