The world seems to favor people who just have a natural knack for doing things. Steve Priddy is a good example: word gradually got out that he could fix small equipment, and now he’s hung out a shingle that says Goldendale Equipment, just in time for winter wood cutting. All of you who need your chainsaws in good working order, Steve is your go-to guy. Sharpening and repairing chainsaws is one of his specialties, and he saves people the long haul to The Dalles, which is where you used to have to go for such a service. Just call him at (509) 767-7361, or shoot him an email at

“I started the business back in March, and it just been kind of word of mouth going around,” Steve recalls. “People found out I was doing small equipment repair, tractor repair, working on chainsaws, all that kind of stuff. I’ve been in the agriculture repair industry for almost 35 years, and people just knew what my background was and asked me if I could work on their things. I got a lot of encouragement from customers that I should start my own business.”

Steve has a big shop at his house, so he does all the repairs out there and is getting ready to put in an office, too. He’s got the space and tools to do a wide range of equipment repair, though he can’t do the monster-sized stuff. “I try to stay on the tractor end of it,” he says. “I try to stay not much bigger than a 90-horse tractor, just because I don’t have the equipment to handle the bigger tractors.” He’s recently become a Kohler dealer, and he can do regular repairs and warranty repairs. “I have parts in stock. I have an engine in stock. I’m also an authorized service dealer for MTD, which is one of the big manufacturers of mowers,” he says. He’s also an authorized service dealer for Husqavarna, which owns American Yard Products. “So I can also do warranty work for both of those companies.”

And then there’s chainsaws. Steve knew that there were a ton of people around the area hauling their chainsaws down to The Dalles for repair and sharpening. “I felt we really needed that up here,” he says. “Nobody else does it around here.” And he carries Barr oil and two-stroke oil for chainsaws.

Got a sick mower? Steve’s your man. And if you can’t get the mower to Steve, Steve will come to the mower. “I’ve got a trailer,” he points out. “I can pick up and deliver your mower for an added fee.”

Steve believes his prices are very competitive. “Especially parts-wise,” he says. “I just go with the suggested prices that my vendors are telling me. I should be pretty close to everybody else.”

With an eye on the future, Steve says he’ll be able to offer new equipment and supplies at some point. “Within two to three years, I’m hoping to build a little bit bigger shop with a showroom in it,” he states. “At that time, I’ll start selling equipment. Who knows, I may start selling it before then. It depends.”

So Goldendale finally has a service it’s needed for a long time, and just in time. Word around town from weather-savvy folks is that this is going to be a rough winter.