Goldendale Middle School students competed recently to get the most food for the local soup kitchen.

The holiday season is a time to remember others and a chance for others to give back to those in need. Over the past few weeks, the students of Goldendale Middle School have been bringing in food to take to the soup kitchen for this holiday.

Of course, it is always fun to make it a competition as it can also inspire them to do great things. Each grade brought in as much food as possible, and the ones that brought in the most won a party. They spent two weeks bringing in canned food and trying to bring up their numbers. By the end of it, the kids had brought in over 1,700 canned food items that they were able to take over to the kitchen.

We won’t ruin the surprise about who won because the children don’t know yet, due to the last day of school being canceled. But we are so proud of the kids for bringing in such a big donation. Good work, Goldendale Middle School.