As part of the Washington State Legislature 2021-2022 capital budget allocation, Joshua Krieg, Randi Krieg, and Melissa Jensen of the Goldendale School District have been awarded $80,000 to acquire Curriculum for Agriculture Science Education (CASE) Curriculum equipment and technology to advance agriculture science education.

CASE is a system of instructional support for the classroom teacher, managed by the National Association of Agriculture Educators. It is an interdisciplinary curriculum with a strong focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In 2021, the Washington State Legislature prioritized $2 million for local school districts to acquire CASE capital equipment and technology as an ongoing effort to advance agriculture education course offerings. These grants are administered through the Washington FFA Foundation.

CASE certified teachers participated in a competitive application process for capital equipment grants in October of 2021 with successful recipients being notified at the end of December 2021. Grant supplies from the recipients’ applications will be purchased by the individual recipients through grant money awarded to the district.

The Goldendale Agriscience Teachers qualified for this grant because they are CASE-certified instructors who have completed at least one national CASE Institute and earned certification.

A CASE Institute is a professional development workshop to provide teachers training for the instruction related to a specific CASE course. Once a teacher has successfully completed 80 hours of intense professional development at a CASE Institute, the teacher is certified to teach the specific CASE course. 

Josh Krieg is certified in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, Animal Science, Agricultural Power and Technology, Natural Resources and Ecology, Food Science and Safety, Mechanical Systems in Agriculture, Environmental Issues, Agricultural Research and Development, Technical Applications in Agriculture, and Agricultural Business Foundations. Randi Krieg is certified in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, Animal Science, Plant Science, Food Science and Safety, Agricultural Business Foundations, and AgXplorer. Melissa Jensen is certified in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources, Animal Science, and Plant Science. Additionally, Josh Krieg is a master teacher and course lead providing professional development for other teaching professionals nationally.

The Goldendale Agriculture Department serves over 300 agricultural education students in grades 7-12. This grant money will provide new agriscience equipment that will impact students for many years to come.