Jaqueline Eide is the new owner of KC Pharmacy, now called Goldendale Pharmacy. “I’m passionate about the pharmacy being a resource for the community,” she says.

A local business that has been a part of this town for many years is trading hands again. New owner Jaqueline Eide is very excited to begin her journey with K C Pharmacy. The business is changing its name to Goldendale Pharmacy. This business provides a lot of people in our rural area a place to get prescriptions and other medical needs without having to travel long distances.

Jaqueline is not new to the pharmacy world as it has been a passion of hers for some time now. She has worked in local independent pharmacies both during and before completing pharmacy school. After that she began working with Bartell Drug Company, located in the Seattle area, where she was a pharmacist, director of retail operations, and district pharmacy manager. She was with the company for 12 years, so needless to say, she has a lot of years and experience to bring to the table. She says, “I am passionate about the pharmacy being a resource for the community, and being a part of a small community is exactly the way I love to practice pharmacy.”

With a great passion for the pharmacy world, Jaqueline has always wanted to purchase a pharmacy of her own; she was just waiting for the right time and the right place. When she found out K C Pharmacy was for sale, she knew that this place would be the perfect fit for her and her family. They left the Marysville-Lake Stevens area and traded it in for small-town Goldendale. She and her family plan to set roots down here, so they have purchased some land out of town and are building a house.

There are lots of changes for them. But Jaqueline also has some changes happening in the pharmacy as well, first being the name. She would like it to reflect the community a little more, so it will be changed to Goldendale Pharmacy. There will also be a new medical supplement line called Pure Encapsulations hitting the shelves soon. There will be some new gifts and things added as well, just in time for the holidays. She is working on expanding the insurance plans they accept to allow more community members to use the pharmacy. Overall, they plan a good refresh for the whole store, and as she gets to know the community and what it needs, she will continue to make changes. As for the store hours, there is still some evaluation being done there, and any feedback from the community is great.

The community is very excited to get to know our new pharmacy owner and can’t wait to see what she has in store for this amazing resource our small town holds.