Douglas Fur

Sculptor Barbara Ross created Bigfoot—not the actual one (if there is such a thing), but a very large sculpture of one. It’s been viewed around town on a trailer before taking up its permanent residence, and Ross held a contest in the Goldendale community to give the 10-foot-tall statue a name.

And the winner is: Douglas Fur.

Ross announced the winning entry Monday, given to an anonymous winner who is donating the $500 prize money equally between the Goldendale and the Centerville Fire Departments.

Ross says she chose the winning name because “I felt his strength, power, durability, and love for the forest and mankind. My Bigfoot made me smile, knowing everyone would enjoy his personality. The forest is the home of Sasquatch. Douglas Fir trees are native to western North America and eastern Asia.”

Ross unveiled the statue a few weeks ago and then brought it to several locations around Goldendale for viewing. When she announced the naming contest, she says envelopes arrived in significant quantities. People were intrigued by the idea of giving a name to the huge, iconic figure and no doubt also drawn by the prize money. Ross is pleased the funds are going to benefit local organizations that can really use the money.

“I want to thank the Goldendale community for sending in names for Bigfoot,” Ross added.