The holiday season is upon us. There’s Halloween, then Thanksgiving and Christmas are all fast approaching, which means spending time with family and friends. There is always lots of great places to visit and get into the holiday cheer. In Goldendale, we have one of those great places: Goldendale Reindeer. Tucked away on a gorgeous piece of land is the farm of folks who bring us Pumpkin Patch fun paired with some remarkable reindeer. Owners Daniel Connell and Tanya Clarke always have had a love for them and finally got the chance to live out their dream.

Daniel and Tanya are both emergency room nurses with a love for the outdoors, hiking, travel, and animals. After working a hard shift one night during Covid, Tanya made the comment to start a reindeer farm. Daniel said, “Let’s do it,” and there was no turning back. They spent six weeks traveling back and forth from their home in northern California to Goldendale to find just the right property. They started their business this past spring when the reindeer came to their new home. They spent the summer learning to handle them and getting them used to the new routine. They have five reindeer: Sprinkles, Jingle Bell, Willow, Holly, and Palmer. Daniel and Tanya were very excited for their new adventure, and  October 1 was the official opening date. They have loved every minute so far.

What can you expect at this great place? Well, first they have reindeer tours. On this tour you will learn some fun facts about these amazing animals, and then you will get the opportunity to interact with them. You can feed them, take pictures, and lead one. They also have a pumpkin patch. They really wanted to add pumpkins to their farm, so they drove to Silverton, Oregon, and got 5,000 pounds of pumpkins.

If you would like to come visit, you can register online. Tours are open year-round; they are $15 per person, and they try to keep the groups as small as possible. The Pumpkin Patch is open from 1 to 3 p.m., and you can pick out a pumpkin for $10. Or if you just want to visit the farm and spend time with friends, it’s a $2 admission fee. They will have more fun things coming soon as well—turkeys, maybe more reindeer, and possibly some babies. So be on the lookout for some fun things to happen in the future. It’s a great overall experience for all ages.

Daniel and Tanya have loved every minute of their new endeavor and wouldn’t change a thing. Daniel says one of his favorite things about their business is, “The looks on everyone’s face when they come to the property. They just light up when they see the reindeer.” They really wanted to share their fun enjoyable experiences with others. Daniel and Tanya both are looking forward to the future and working with other businesses in the community as well. Be sure to check out their Facebook page: Goldendale Reindeer. And of course you can find them online at: