Changes in China are having an immediate effect here in Klickitat County. These changes include what can and cannot be recycled.

The changes are a result in China’s restrictions on recycling, which limit what types of recycling is deemed recyclable. Klickitat County Solid Waste will soon be sending out updated flyers of what is and is not recyclable around the middle of December, according to Averie Morgan, the Recycling Coordinator for Klickitat County Solid Waste.

The main changes are what cannot be included in recycling. The Recycling Program will no longer accept any plastic bags or shredded paper. They will only accept PET 1 and HDPE 2 plastic bottles; any other types must be disposed in the trash. To find the bottle type, check the bottom for the number in the recycling symbol.

These rules will go into effect starting Jan. 1. People who violate the new policies will receive notices telling them what they recycled is no longer accepted.

For more information or questions, contact the Solid Waste office at 773-4448.