The reports began to drift onto social media late Saturday and through the beginning of the week—shots were fired on the streets of Goldendale. The social media accounts were fragmentary and incomplete as people struggled to get a clear handle on what had happened. But the general gist was: a man with a rifle was firing shots in the vicinity of groups of children. First it was near the Goldendale Library, then World War II Park, then somewhere west on Collins. According to one person, the incident began with an intense argument between kids near the library that devolved into a fight, though that has not been confirmed. There were reports of passersby in vehicles stopping to help kids get out of harm’s way.

Monday afternoon the Goldendale Police Department issued the following statement:

Goldendale Police Department Officers Kelsey Rooks and Nolan Randall responded to a weapons offense complaint at about 6:01 p.m. in the 400 block of South Grant. It was reported an adult male carrying a “Long Gun” was walking eastbound on Collins Street towards Holcomb’s Market. Multiple callers also reported a male subject with a gun was chasing juveniles.

Officers Rooks and Randall located the male suspect with the firearm in the 100 block of West Burgen. The suspect was recognized by Officer Rooks as being AJ George, an adult male. The suspect was found to be carrying a 30-06 caliber rifle along with live ammunition. The rifle had one empty cartridge in the chamber, and the rifle had a strong odor of gun powder as if the gun had just been fired. The suspect admitted to firing the rifle into the air.

Through investigation and talking with the suspect, victims, and witnesses, it was determined that two shots were fired from the rifle.

No persons were injured during the incident, and no reports of property damage were reported. The rifle and ammunition were taken into custody and entered in evidence at the police department. The suspect was booked into the jail and criminal charges for felony Assault and Unlawful Discharge of a Weapon were requested.

At this time, no further information can be given due to the continuing active investigation