A trespasser on private property put up a dangerous struggle with police before being subdued Saturday by a Klickitat County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) deputy.

On July 3, the KCSO responded to a residence on Simcoe Mountain Road in Centerville for a report of a subject trespassing. Deputy Pat Kaley responded and met with Dave West, the property owner. West advised Kaley he had installed trail cameras on his property, and the trail cameras send immediate pictures to West’s cell phone.

West advised Kaley one of the trail cameras had been activated and sent a picture of a man trespassing on West’s property.

West and Kaley located Kevin L. Oliver, 28, of Centerville lying face down on the ground on West’s property near where he had some vehicles parked.

Kaley ordered Oliver to put his hands up and get off the ground. Oliver refused to cooperate and reached into the waist of his pants. Kaley pointed his service pistol at Oliver and warned Oliver he would shoot him. Oliver put his hands up, so Kaley could see he had nothing in his hands. Kaley moved into a better position to control Oliver.

Kaley transitioned from his pistol to his Taser and ordered Oliver to get down on the ground. Oliver cussed at Kaley, refusing to cooperate with his orders. Kaley had to deploy his Taser to subdue Oliver, but one of the Taser probes became dislodged. Kaley attempted to deploy his Taser a second time but missed Oliver.

Kaley moved in and went hands-on with Oliver, and was able to subdue him, placing him in handcuffs. Kaley searched Oliver’s person, and he was found to be in possession of several bank and Quest cards belonging to other people. Oliver was also found to be in possession of a pill bottle that belonged to West’s grandson. The pill bottle had been inside of one of the vehicles parked on West’s property. Kaley also found a Slim-Jim and screwdriver on his person.

While Kaley was searching Oliver, West spoke with him about his poor decisions of coming onto his property. Oliver attempted to headbutt West and was taken to the ground by Kaley.

Oliver was transported to the Klickitat Valley Hospital before being booked into the Klickitat County Jail. He was charged with “Criminal Trespass in the Second Degree,” “Having or Making Burglary Tools,” and “Resisting Arrest.”

Sheriff Bob Songer said the incident illustrates the benefits of property owners placing camera systems on their private property. Having pictures of suspects committing crimes are a great asset for law enforcement and helps with prosecuting suspects of various crimes. Songer also commended Kaley in how he handled himself when dealing with such a difficult suspect.