Goldendale resident (and former White Salmon resident) Stasha Garcia had emergency back surgery in St. Louis when her car was stolen and set on fire. She is seeking help to get back home. Following is her own account of things as they stand:

I wanted to take a minute to write in and thank you for sharing my story. This ordeal has been totally overwhelming, and it helps knowing others are aware of my plight. So many things have happened here in St. Louis this week and even more things need to happen that haven’t.

I’m actively seeking help on building a handicap ramp on the house so I can safely get in and out, so please keep praying for that. So far I’ve been told by 17 agencies and churches that they can’t help, but I’m still trying. There has to be an answer; I obviously can’t do if myself.

I’m very frustrated by my slow health progress. Even after four weeks, I’m not able to stand, and home health and therapy still aren’t coming. Now Medicare says if I’m transferred to Missouri today, I won’t get help until January. I desperately want to come home, but that involves replacing my van, and without help I can’t do that.

Umpqua bank now has a donation account under my name, Stasha Garcia. People can also read my story and even donate online  at

Please keep up the prayers. It truly helps knowing I’m not going through this alone.