They work

The whole “masks don’t work” thing? Simply isn’t true.

I’m physician in this district and have thoroughly reviewed the scientific evidence. It boils down to this: masks are the best tool to decrease acquisition and transmission of the virus, period. And since this is a respiratory virus, it hangs out in greatest numbers in your nose, so wearing a mask only over your mouth is like wearing half a seat belt.

See, masks are just like seat belts, motorcycle helmets, car seats, and so on. All are required, but none of these provide 100 percent assurance that the user won’t be injured or die. Evidence concludes that the risk for getting or giving COVID is substantially lowered when you wear a mask. So it makes sense, even though it’s annoying, to require masks during this pandemic.

Wearing a mask is nothing more than an acknowledgement that life matters and that you want to significantly reduce risk of illness and death, unfortunately not to zero, during this pandemic. Regardless, it is the new reality.

So please join us as we support Dr. Tracy Rushing for Washington House of Representatives. She follows evidence over ideology to keep Washington families safe.

Mike Pendleton, MD



The worst ticket

The Biden/Harris ticket is the most radical, far left, socialist, and anti-American candidates we have ever seen in the entire American political history.

If they win in November, then all of our recent four years of advancement under President Trump will be wiped out. We will become what President Obama tried to do by giving $3 trillion of your money to his friends in the middle east. We will become another third world country, jobless, poverty stricken, anti-Semitic, and prejudiced. There will be no law on our streets to protect us, no courts that will be fair in their rulings. We will continue to have the same definition of insanity—doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We Americans have the opportunity tot hold on to our values, as moral self-governing individuals by voting. The vote is obvious in November.

Please pray for our great patriots of the U.S. Military, and President Trump. This is a heavenly cry from our heavenly Father that gave us what we have today at the cost of our young men and women throughout our about 240 years as a nation.

It is up to us to preserve our freedoms for our nest generations. There is no time in the past where you vote will mean more.

If you are an American patriot and care for what we have been given, even if you are a non-voting Christian, now is the time to join the rest of us. Vote for tomorrow’s future. The next four years will determine America’s greatness or demise. It’s up to us.

Ann Reid



Labels don't always apply

Let’s face it, local politics are different from national politics. The usual party definitions do not always apply, and in a conservative region like Klickitat County, the terms “progressive” and “Democrat” do not always need to be feared.

Among local office holders, thoughtful conservatives typically value our traditions, common sense approaches to problems, fiscal responsibility, and keeping what works well in place. Thoughtful progressives typically hold these values as well, but they also tend to be more willing to push against the status quo to ask hard questions about what is really working well (or not) and what new approaches might be needed to make a town or a county a better place to live in for all its citizens.

Joanna Toleno Turner—one such thoughtful progressive—is seeking a seat on the Klickitat County Board of Commissioners to ask those hard questions and to bring new ideas and new approaches to the Commission. Two important needs she sees are the need for better access to mental health care and the need for additional affordable housing for seniors. Wouldn’t it be better to find innovative, common sense solutions to existing problems like these at the local level before one-size-fits-all solutions get imposed from the State? Joanna is a smart, committed, and decisive candidate whom I have known for years. She will bring innovative new perspectives and creative energy to the Board of Commissioners.

Tom Pierson