A good man

We have been blessed with a wonderful life in Klickitat County for almost 40 years now. There are so many great people who live and work here. And we are proud to tell people we meet that we certainly live in a County that supports and cares for its people.

In the current climate of disinformation, we are all having to endure, we would like to share our personal experiences with Jim Sizemore, who is running for re-election for County Commissioner Position 3.

We have participated in committees that Jim has volunteered on over the years. These meetings are at night, after work, and sometimes are controversial. Jim always brought reason to the table, never made a decision without seeking out correct information, listened to everyone’s point of view, and always brought his calm demeanor. This is also a working order that we have seen Jim carry over to his position as County Commissioner.

Jim is truly one of the most honest, frugal, and compassionate men we know. He puts family, friends, neighbors—and now, as a Commissioner—the people of Klickitat County first.

It has been said during this campaign that there was waste and an unbalanced budget due to Jim. This is simply not true. And, think about it, could not be true due to oversight by the State and Auditor’s offices. Only an unfounded scare tactic this is so widely used now in elections.

Part of the “Good Ol’ Boys Club” was a recent title we saw being used for Jim. It was intended to be a negative statement, but think of that in positive terms. Jim has been here for decades. Jim has run a solid business, raised his family, supported our local schools, hospitals, economic growth, jobs, seniors, low income housing, food programs, CASA, as well as conservation and river issues and so many other issues as a landowner and responsible, caring citizen and County Commissioner. And Jim is an open book. To meet Jim, you know who he is.

We hope that you will join us in supporting Jim Sizemore with your vote for Klicktiat County Commissioner, Position 3.

Tracy and Lori Zoller

Klickitat, Washington


She helped

I would like to take this opportunity to share with the public just one of the reasons why I think that Rep. Gina Mosbrucker deserves to be re-elected in November.

I am a respiratory therapist at Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital. When Covid came to the valley, we soon ran into the challenge of providing care for gravely ill patients with very limited resources. We were provided with a supply of ventilators from the national stockpile for which we were relieved to be able to put into service. Not long after putting most of these in service, it was decided that another state was in need of these vents, and we were told to package them all back up and prepare them for shipment.

I reached out to my district representative, Rep. Mosbrucker, and explained the situation to her and that we would be left without the tools that we needed to help the people of our community if these machines were not returned to us. She listened and acted on behalf of all of the citizens of central Washington. The ventilators were returned to us within a day or two of our conversation and put into use almost as soon as they came through the door. There were no politics involved, and look what the other side tried to do. She listened and took action to help those in need, not just in her district but central Washington as a whole. She has earned my vote and deserves yours.

Darren King 

Wapato, Wash


Among the top

America is at a time of great rancor and division, requiring people in Congress to come together for solutions. For 10 years Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler has proven herself to be that person. She has sponsored or supported numerous successful bipartisan bills. Jaime is ranked among the top 15 bipartisan officials in Congress, as well as the most effective legislator from Washington State by one organization. She’s championed issues from maternal-child health and veterans to forestry and fisheries. As a senior member of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, she wields tremendous clout for our region.

Critics complain she doesn’t hold town hall meetings, but Covid-19 prevents any large in-person gatherings, so she’s used electronic means to connect with her constituents. Prior to the virus, I had no problem speaking with her in public many times, including job fairs she sponsored to a pleasant half hour visit walking around the Clark County Fair last year. She listens carefully and gives honest, thoughtful responses.

Being raised in Clark County and living in Battle Ground, she is in touch with and deeply cares about southwest Washington. Her opponent is a recent Oregon transplant who has never won nor held a major office, but only taught political theory out of a book. This is not the time to learn on the job. We need Jaime’s experience, influence in Congress, and healing touch now more than ever. I support her without reservations.

Pete Bartel

Ridgefield, Washington


Grateful for them

I am deeply grateful to Tracy Rushing and Devin Kuh, candidates for State Representative, District 14. Kuh is a teacher, and Rushing is an emergency room physician. Neither had political experience prior to this election. Both felt compelled to run for office when they saw the unopposed incumbents actively obstructing efforts to control and contain coronavirus, while Yakima County, in the 14th, was one of the hardest hit places in Washington State.

Rushing and Kuh both see healthcare as a human right, critical to building healthy communities. Their platforms are solid on other issues as well.

What makes them extraordinary candidates, however, is the love, intelligence, and caring shining through their campaigns. Rushing’s opponent, Chris Cory, has only right-wing ideology to offer. Kuh’s opponent, Gina Mosbrucker, is busy climbing the GOP ladder to success in Olympia. Rushing and Kuh offer something quite different—genuine care for people and for the planet. It shows in the work they have chosen, and it shows in their campaigns. We are fortunate to be able to vote for Tracy Rushing and Devin Kuh. Please join me in doing so.

Patricia Arnold

Trout Lake


So long

Liberal Oregon transplant Carolyn Long attacks President Trump as a “hypocrite.” Then last week, she lived up to the name herself. A one-time “civility” professor, Long ditched civil discourse to yell names at respected bipartisan leader Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler.

Why? Maybe questions about Long’s radical statements struck too close to home.

When bipartisan aid saved thousands of regional jobs, Long said no. She’s vowed repeatedly to raise taxes on every hard-working family. And she would wreck Medicare for our mothers, fathers, aunts, and uncles who depend on it.

She won’t deny it. She will cost you.

So long, Long. Vote Jaime.

Carolyn Crain

Vancouver, Washington


He's fair

Friends of Oak Ridge, led by Dennis White, recently took out an advertisement against Under Canvas (UC), a proposed glamping campground in the Husum Valley. The ad attempts to draw a nonexistent link between voting for Jacob Anderson and approval of the UC proposal. This mischaracterization stems from an informational presentation Jacob (a long-time Council member) made at a Husum Community Council meeting.

Jacob has made his neutrality on UC clear, evidenced by the Aug. 19 Sentinel article. He’s said he has and will continue to remain neutral on UC and will recuse himself from voting on the project as a county commissioner because of his service as a county employee and Council member.  It’s clear that voting for Jacob will have no bearing on the project.

Jacob spent his own money to visit a UC location while on vacation, took photos, measured noise levels, and then gave an informative account at our meeting. During his report, he was disrespectfully interrupted by Mr. White and others, who seemed to interpret any discussion of UC that was not in opposition as being supportive. The recording is available. As a non-governing, un-biased, service-based body, the Council’s primary objective is to provide a community forum to learn about and discuss proposed development. It is very careful to remain neutral on these matters. We reject the Friends of Oakridge assertion that Jacob, or the Council as a whole, has taken sides on divisive issues. We encourage community participation in the meetings and will continue to serve all community members equally.

We submit this letter as individuals, not as Husum BZ Community Council official correspondence.

Nathan Bell

Justin Connely

Ryan Kreps

Connie Miller

Julie Williamson

Todd Collins

Husum, BZ


She flipped

In 2016 Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler was asked whether she would vote for then candidate Donald Trump. She stated she could “not” vote for him because she didn’t want to tell her daughter she was okay with his behavior.

Recently Congresswoman Herrera Beutler said she was going to vote for Trump this year.

So, after four years of Donald Trump’s insidious, embarrassing, and unbalanced behavior, she now feels she is comfortable supporting him. Congresswoman Herrera Beutler has dishonored her office by accepting this man and voting for him to continue to disgrace our country.

I want to remind you of the person who has that integrity, moral principles, and professionalism—Carolyn Long!

Vote for Carolyn Long for Congress!

Sandra Davis

Longview, Washington


He doesn't care

Over the decades, the word environmentalism has been hammered by negativity from corporate elites. And that’s a shame. Because caring for the land that feeds and houses us and for the water and air that is necessary for all life should never be construed as a bad thing. I spend a lot of time on public lands, observing wildlife and studying plants, and I am deeply concerned about the conditions we are leaving for our children and grandchildren. Insects, especially pollinators, are in decline. Pollinators are responsible for two-thirds of the foods we eat.

According to the EPA, childhood asthma is negatively impacted by air pollution. We know that the development of many cancers is linked to the toxins in our environment. Thousands of Americans and millions of world citizens die each year as a result of our ever-increasing toxic load on the planet. Recently, despite the science, the Trump administration rolled back over 100 rules and policies designed to protect our land, water, and air, which in turn, protects all life. Did the American voters ask for those rules and policies to be overturned? No. Corporations and millionaires wanted them overturned so they target politicians. It is the Republican party that caters to the corporate demand for deregulation of environmental policies and laws.

Our current Washington Rep. Chris Corry does not consider this an issue of concern. He has made it clear that he prefers business over people and will do their bidding. I am supporting Dr. Tracy Rushing for State Representative because she is trained in science and not political games. Her vision is for a healthy community and state which starts with science-based decision-making and policies that support not only human health but the health of the land we live on.

Sue Kusch

White Salmon


Voice of the people

I would like to let you and Goldendale residents know you have the best representative out there. I am very grateful and thankful for Gina, who truly is a voice for the people.

I had written about animal abuse and how it needed tougher penalties for the people who abuse them. She reached out and met with me took lots of notes and started the research needed to make sure there were no surprises or anything to stop the process. She updated me through the legislative process and had me come to Olympia and testify. Scary, but my wanting animals helped gave me the courage, and Gina was with me. The bill passed, and my stepdaughter and I were there when Inslee signed it. Such a great experience for us!

Gina Mosbrucker is the voice of the people! Vote for Gina!

Jill Ketzenberg

Selah, Washington


It's her committment

Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler has served southwest Washington for the past 12 years. She worked for us in the Washington State Legislature before becoming the first Hispanic female ever to be elected to Congress from Washington State. Jaime grew up in soutwest Washington and plans on raising her family here. She graduated from Prairie High School and the University of Washington. Her passion and commitment to Washington's Third District are unparalleled. Let’s send the only current Republican, Hispanic, female in Congress back so she can continue to serve us. Vote for Jaime Herrera Beutler.

Armando Herrera

Camas, Washington


Who does he work for?

Transparency in politics sounds abstract until it isn’t. In his recent interview with The Yakima Herald, Rep. Chris Corry was asked specifically whether his lawsuit against public health orders was an attempt to further his own personal and business interests. We’re still waiting for answers.

Who paid for Corry’s federal lawsuit? In his business as a commercial insurance account executive, Corry’s website lists packinghouses and agricultural processing as his main lines of business. Given that the pandemic was exploding among poorly protected packinghouse workers while he filed his lawsuit, we need answers. Who are his packinghouse clients and specifically, who are his new clients that have given him their business since he took office and gained legislative decision-making powers?

Without transparency, there is no way to know if Corry filed his lawsuit because he feared harm to his clients and his bottom line more than he did harm to essential workers and their families. Without transparency, there can be no trust.

It’s time we followed the money and got paid-for influence out of our political system. It’s time to remind our representatives that they work for us. Rock the vote.

Chris Faison

White Salmon


Vote for both

We had a difficult time deciding which conservative candidate for governor to vote for in the primary election because Joshua Freed and Loren Culp were both excellent choices. Since Culp won in the primary, we will gladly cast our votes for him. And since Freed is now running a write-in campaign for Lieutenant Governor, we will gladly vote for him, as well! We encourage you to thoughtfully consider what both these men have to say on YouTube and at their websites, joshuafreed.com and culpforgovernor.com. (The Inslee-Culp debate on Oct. 7 was especially telling).

If you are concerned about the economic condition of our state, the never-ending coronavirus restrictions inflicted upon us by Jay Inslee, increasing lawlessness, and the incessant attacks on our First and Second Amendment rights, please check the box for Loren Culp for Governor, and be sure to write in Joshua Freed for Lieutenant Governor.

Mark and Cheri Harris



Strange times

We have a President who has increased the national debt over $5 trillion, abandoned allies on the battlefield, is the antithesis of family values, sides with Putin over U.S. intelligence, fails to provide leadership during a pandemic where over 212,000 citizens have died and businesses, schools and the economy have been devastated, allowed children to be separated from their parents and put into cages, works to undermine fair elections, and enjoys demeaning, bullying, lying, and dividing people.

Rep. Herrera Beutler, who chose not to vote for him in 2016, says he has now earned her vote in 2020. The Party of Lincoln has sadly transformed into the Party of Trump. To return to a time where integrity, honesty, decency, honor, courage, and trust have meaning, are valued and strived for, we need to remove from office those who enable and support Trump. I encourage all eligible voters, especially Independents, discouraged Republicans, and new voters, to exercise your right to vote and to vote for Joe Biden for President and Carolyn Long for the House of Representatives.

John Melink

Longview, Washington


She works for us

Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler works for us! She works for us on fighting proposed Oregon tolling that would impact southwest Washington voters unfairly; on protecting sportsmen and increasing the number of salmon and steelhead in the Columbia River; on protecting seniors on Social Security and Medicare; on increasing jobs through job fairs. She truly works for us.

When I had an issue with my military retirement benefits, I contacted both our state senators and Congresswoman Herrera Beutler. Only Congresswoman Herrera Beutler responded to my issue. She worked for me, and she will work for you! Please vote to retain Congresswoman Herrera Beutler.

Duane Burckhard

Vancouver, Washington


Do the right thing

Our County Health Departments are stretched very thin. Even though we’re not a national “hot spot,” there’s still too much COVID going around for our contact tracers to keep up. They need our cooperation. Many close contacts never hear from an investigator, so it falls upon ALL OF US do the right thing, whether or not we get a call from “the County.”

If you are diagnosed with COVID please: 1. Follow your doctor’s advice on isolating. 2. Inform people who you’ve been in close contact with (more than 15 minutes indoors, less than six feet, mask or no mask) of your positive test result and encourage them to call their doctor.

If you get a contact tracing call, please thank them for their work and follow their advice. If you don’t hear from them, don’t assume that you don’t need to isolate/quarantine. If it’s not clear what to do, call your doctor.

Do the right thing, even if it’s the hard thing.

If we work together, we can wrestle the pandemic to the ground. If we don’t work together and protect each other, many of us will die.

Dr. Tracy Rushing, candidate for Washington House District 14, understands that good contract tracing is a vital part of getting us back to school, work and worship. Please vote for her.

Chris Samuels

White Salmon


We need the best

In a recent study conducted by Vanderbilt University and the University of Virginia, and published by the Center for Effective Lawmaking, Jaime Herrera Beutler was ranked the most effective federal legislator in Washington state.

It should be no surprise to those of us in southwest Washington who’ve had the privilege of being represented by Jaime. Her effectiveness runs the gamut, from standing up for struggling families during this pandemic, fighting to keep small businesses afloat, and ushering in legislation to protect our region’s fish runs.

We need to vote for Jamie in this election so we can continue to have the best representation in all of Washington State. It would be foolish to accept anything but the finest when it comes to dealing with the issues that affect us.

Richard Kennington

Vancouver, Washington


She engages

Carolyn Long first caught my attention when I heard her speak at Lower Columbia College four years ago about political engagement and divisiveness in politics. It wasn’t the typical one party good, the other party bad presentation. She talked about finding common ground and working together from there. She’s since brought diverse groups together in our community to discuss topics like homelessness and education. She has walked the picket lines with educators. She stood with workers when the anti-union Janus decision came out. She attends meetings and engages. Most importantly, she will listen. Carolyn will be an incredible advocate for all of southwest Washington. Please join me in voting for Carolyn Long for U.S. Representative.

Shawn Nyman

Longview, Washington


He's done a fine job

What does Republican candidate Maia Espinoza propose to do should she be elected Superintendent of Public Instruction Nov. 3? It seems absurd, but it’s true: she advocates cutting $2.5 billion from public schools. She recently told radio host Jason Rantz that now, during our COVID-19 crisis, it’s the perfect time to slash the budgets.

That would, of course, decimate the ability of our community schools to provide a top-notch education for our children. Her proposed cut, adopted from the right-wing Washington Policy Center, would reduce $2,500 per pupil. From her extremist point of view, perhaps that’s the point: vote for Espinoza so that she can ruin our public schools!

Until 2018, Washington State had for years run afoul of our courts because it was underfunding public education. Now that we’re back in the good graces of our courts, Ms. Espinoza apparently wants to see our state facing a judge for failing its constitutionally mandated duty once again.

Chris Reykdal, our current Superintendent of Public Instruction, has done a fine job. Under his leadership, our state has added career and technical education pathways to graduation, returned civics classes to our schools, and increased the graduation rate to a record high.

For those who care about our children receiving a high-quality education—and that should be all of us—the choice is a no-brainer: Chris Reykdal.

Rick George

White Salmon


She works for moms

I’ve recently learned that the United States has one of the worst maternal death rates in the world. It’s shocking that in 21st century America, women are dying during childbirth. It’s simply outrageous.

A leader in Congress on this issue has been our Congresswoman, Jaime Herrera Beutler. She’s passed multiple pieces of legislation to get at the root cause of maternal deaths. She even had a bill pass recently which expands telehealth to women in rural areas, vital to so many moms here in our communities. Jaime is working for moms. Vote for Jaime!

Linda Langdon

Vancouver, Washington


Fear not

My fellow residents, I have a question for you. What is the cost of where we are now?

The news screams fear. Our leaders scream fear. Now our bodies and minds scream fear. As a result, we are unhappy individually and our families are unhappy collectively. When we are afraid, the thinking, rational part of our brain does not, cannot work. Fear also interferes with happiness.

Do you know why a magic trick works? It is because the observer's attention is distracted from where the action really is. In other words, look over here, don't look over there.

Have you noticed the fear message we hear has changed? In the beginning the focus was death; now the focus is positive coronavirus test results.

Klickitat County has over 22,000 residents (2018), and there are still three COVID 19 listed deaths reported.

I am not afraid.

Lela DeWitt



Bridges and jobs

I am voting for Carolyn Long because she will do what our representative has failed to do for 10 years. Carolyn Long will invest in building and repairing our roads, bridges, and broadband internet. This will create countless family-wage jobs while improving our communities with safer roads and bridges. Carolyn is not in favor of tolling. She will be a fierce advocate for securing federal dollars to ease the burden on states and local governments for covering the cost of any bridges. By investing in this infrastructure, Carolyn Long is investing in us.

Pat Richards

Longview, Washington


Proven to get things done

Congresswoman Herrera Beutler’s effectiveness as our representative comes from her focus on improving the fortunes of citizens. Whether that’s helping people who have been laid off collect their unemployment money or advocating on behalf of veterans to recover their benefits, she’s been there. There is a reason that the Center for Effective Lawmaking has given her the highest score of all 12 members of Congress from Washington - the highest! She’s led on protecting health of moms and infants. On saving salmon. On helping people get good-paying jobs. We need a representative who can do more than oppose things, we need someone who has proven she can get things done. That’s Jaime.

David Johnson

Camas, Washington


She'll fight

Southwest Washington cannot afford a representative who repeatedly attempts to repeal access to affordable healthcare, especially during a pandemic. Our current representative in Congress has voted numerous times to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would be devastating for thousands of Southwest Washingtonians. Carolyn Long supports a public option, which would allow people to access health insurance from government if they choose to.

Jaime Herrera Beutler has not held an in-person town hall in almost four years. Even during a pandemic, Carolyn has found ways to hear from the community by hosting drive-in and virtual town halls.

Carolyn Long will fight hard every single day for southwest Washingtonians in Congress!

Joan Mason

Longview, Washington


Rational and reasonable

On Capitol Hill, the Problem Solvers Caucus is a group of Representatives equally divided between Democrats and Republicans who are committed to finding common ground on many of the key issues facing the nation. Their aim is to champion ideas that benefit all Americans. It is a group united in the idea that there are commonsense solutions to many of the country's toughest challenges. They believe that “only when we work together as Americans can we successfully break through the gridlock of today’s politics.” The Problem Solvers Caucus members agreed to find bipartisan solutions on issues including criminal justice reform, health care, and infrastructure.

Jamie Herrera Beutler is a member of this caucus. Her colleagues describe her as one of the “rational reasonables” on Capitol Hill. Let’s vote for someone who works for all Americans by working with all Americans.

Christina Kennington

Vancouver, Washington


Excited to endorse

Letter of Support for Kevin Kuh - State Rep LD-14

As owners of a small rafting and kayaking company on the banks of the White Salmon River, we have been members of the White Salmon community and small outdoor-industry business owners since 2002. Our company depends on the health of the environment and access to our rivers. We are excited to endorse Devin Kuh for State Rep here in LD 14.

We’ve known Devin since he came to work for us in 2013. Through his many roles with Wet Planet Whitewater, from Kayak School Manager to Lead Raft Guide, we have seen him be able to connect with diverse groups, take responsibility with enthusiasm, and share his passion for the outdoors and the value of access to and protection of our natural environment. His passion always goes beyond providing good experiences for our guests and students; he works hard to help our business prosper. We are confident that if elected he will with great passion and motivation continue to be a steward of our environment, expand access and support small businesses. He is a very compassionate, energetic, and caring member of our team who puts people first and works to have everyone’s voices heard and respected.

Todd Collins and Jacomijn Klinkenberg

Owners of Wet Planet Whitewater

White Salmon


A vote for all

As a Klickitat County voter, I am casting my vote for Joanna Turner running for Klickitat County Commissioner Position 1. My vote is also a vote for all constituents of Klickitat county and their voices being heard, instead a chosen few. My vote is based on my observation of the actions of both candidates. In a time of uncertainty, one thing we can count on is the actions of the candidates, rather than empty campaign promises.

Turner currently serves on the Trout Lake Community Council board. Turner backs up her campaign with current actions to listen to all Klickitat County residents. Turner has heard the voices of her neighbors in the Husum/BZ area and stands with them to oppose the proposed development of Under Canvas glamping resort in Husum.

Opposing candidate Jacob Anderson currently serves on the Husum/BZ Community Council board. As a resident of Husum, I attend the monthly Community Council meetings. During the summer of 2020, Anderson used these Community Council meetings as his own personal promotional forum by inviting Under Canvas staff to sell the community on their development project idea. Immediately, the majority of the local residences voiced opposition to the Under Canvas resort development. After knowing of resident opposition, Anderson took it upon himself to travel to Montana, visiting a current Under Canvas operation to bring back a promotional sales pitch along with photos to support the local Under Canvas development. Anderson blatantly disregarded the voices of his local community. Anderson has put the interests of corporate land developers over the well-being of our community and our voices. If Anderson will abuse his political power on a local level, what actions will he take countywide if elected County Commissioner?

Voters’ decisions on Klickitat County Commissioner Position 1 will have long lasting effects on all the residents of Klickitat County in regards to future developments and our way of life. Please join me in voting for Joanna Turner to ensure your voice is heard and represented.

Sheri Bousquet



'The White Salmon Sentinel'

To the editor of The White Salmon Sentinel:

No liberal can imagine any future scenario which they do not control, and big government is the big stick to that end, and this doesn’t excuse the moderate Republican. They’ll do anything to get power and everything to hold on to it. Propaganda is an ever-reliable feature of the socialized political state. Its purpose is to “transform” the non-thinker into the progressive thinker, or from opinion based on reliable evidence and history to one of emotionalism based on anticipated control. 

Propaganda and bias are first cousins. One widely practiced media strategy (including “The White Salmon Sentinel”) is to restrict contrary opinion, with an eye toward its elimination. The goal is to create a thinking vacuum, which is then inflated with all manner of uncritical and false assumptions. The magic elixir to smooth the path is the word “change,” which is the common currency but disregards the logical consequences and worldwide disasters inherent in social planning. A safe, equitable, and wealthy society is promised, but the left never delivers except for the people atop the pyramid. It’s a lot easier to pick up a brick or write an editorial than to read a book.

Propaganda purposely drives people, both voluntarily and involuntarily, into competing camps, the former for advantage and power, the latter for self-defense. It’s seductive in terms of utopianism and employed mainly by Democrats because it works. This is also why you find in North Korea, unarguably a “mature” socialist state, has as an official organ named “The Progaganda and Agitation Department.”

Some years back, historian Paul Johnson wrote the book Modern Times, and in it he observed that the greatest menace to the world over the previous century had been [and is] the rise of the professional politician. He might have included the liberal media bureaucracy.

Mike Goodpaster


(Editor’s note: We presume Goodpaster sent a letter to this newspaper calling it The White Salmon Sentinel as a sarcastic reference to his view of The Sentinel as a voice of the west end of Klickitat County. His rambling is murky, but he seems to also suggest The Sentinel has shown preference to letters from the west end of the county over those from Goldendale; he thinly infers we spike any letters we dislike. As we have explained many times before, we run all letters we receive that comply with our guidelines that always appear on page A4, generally in chronological order as received. The reality has always been that during peak political seasons, we receive far more letters from the west end of the county than we do from Goldendale. We run what we get.)